We’re down to eight teams in the NFL Playoffs for the 2015 season, and the Divisional Round features the right teams despite all of the away teams winning last weekend.

Are the Washington Redskins for real? Is Kirk Cousins actually good enough to be a starting Quarterback who wins playoff games? The jury’s still out on that, but what we do know is that the Green Bay Packers are legit, and Aaron Rodgers deserves another Super Bowl ring!

The Minnesota Vikings had the Seattle Seahawks on the ropes but couldn’t keep them from advancing towards what could be a third-straight NFC Championship. I can’t blame Blair Walsh the kicker, nor Teddy Bridgewater for losing that game. Do you realize that it was negative 6 degrees on the field when the game started, and that’s without factoring in the wind-chill? I wanted Seattle to lose the game, but having the Seahawks go out like that just wouldn’t feel right, not after what they’ve done with the NFC the past two years.

The Arizona Cardinals are a legit team with weapons on both sides of the ball. They’re my pick to make it all the way to the Super Bowl from this half of the bracket. I like everything they can do on offense and on defense, so look for them to take yet another aging Quarterback in Carson Palmer and see if they can’t get him within reach of a championship.


I still don’t understand the Carolina Panthers and how they’re winning without Kelvin Benjamin. I think the injuries they’ve been facing the past few weeks is going to be too much to get them to the Super Bowl, because Cam Newton can’t get them there on sheer willpower alone. I won’t be surprised by the outcome of their game this weekend, whatever it might be. Seattle might have lost some games early in the season, but they’ve been playing legit the past six weeks when the weather’s not frozen.

On the other side of the bracket, I’m glad the Pittsburgh Steelers advanced, but only because the Cincinnati Bengals and their coaches lost control of the team. They were lucky to survive without their starting Quarterback, and although the kid from Alabama did alright filling in for Andy Dalton, there’s a reason why A.J. McCarron wasn’t drafted high. I’m glad that Vontaze Burfict and Adam Jones are out of the playoffs. I’d like to see those knuckleheads out of the league. At least McCarron gets more time to hang out with his hot HOT wife now.


I also like the red hot Kansas City Chiefs and I’m not surprised in the least that they beat the Texans. I know J.J. Watt is a great dude leading that defense, and they’ve got some skill at receiver and runningback, but until they get a reliable Quarterback, nothing significant’s going to happen for Houston. Getting Robert Griffin III this off-season would be a bad move for them, so if they want to make it out of the opening round next year, they should stay away from him, no matter that he is popular with Texas folk.

Houston Texans vs. Kansas City Chiefs

To be the man you gotta beat the man, that’s the saying, right? So of course the Patriots needed to be there. Show me a Divisional Round where last year’s Super Bowl champion team isn’t there, and I’ll be disappointed. Tom Brady’s a fixture in the second round, and they’ve got a decent chance to make it deep again this post season. So for at least one more post season, we get a chance to remember why we hate that smug guy.

"Alexander McQueen: Savage Beauty" Costume Institute Gala At The Metropolitan Museum Of Art - Arrivals

Does Peyton Manning even have anything left in the tank? Yeah he came back for the Denver Broncos and made it so that Brock Osweiler wasn’t stopping them from scoring on offense, but he’s not the Peyton Manning of old. But I still think, maybe, because it’s Peyton Manning, and how many times has that guy surprised you? Every time you think he’s going to lose, he wins. Every time you think he’s going to ball out and destroy an opponent, he gets crushed. So who knows what he’s got. I can tell you, he’s lucky that they’ve got the Pittsburgh Steelers coming up, because Roethlisberger is more injured than Peyton is, so theĀ BroncosĀ are advancing to the AFC Championship, and they might just be playing the Chiefs.