With the NFL season set to start this Thursday with a possible NFC Title matchup pitting the Saints against the defending champion Packers. I’ll be giving picks for division and playoff winners, as well as for the season end awards. No real explanations given, as my clairvoyant powers are exhausted from my NCAA conference preview series.

AFC West: Chargers (4)
AFC South: Colts (3)
AFC North: Steelers (2)
AFC East: Patriots (1)
AFC Wild Cards: Ravens (5), Jets (6)

Divisional Round: Jets over Colts, Ravens over Chargers
AFC Semi-Finals: Patriots over Jets, Ravens over Steelers
AFC Title Game: Patriots over Ravens

NFC West: Rams (4)
NFC South: Falcons (3)
NFC North: Packers (2)
NFC East: Eagles (1)
NFC Wild Cards: Saints (5), Cowboys (6)

Divisional Round: Falcons over Cowboys, Saints over Rams
NFC Semi-Finals: Saints over Eagles, Packers over Falcons
NFC Title Game: Packers over Saints

Super Bowl XLVI: Packers over Patriots 


MVP: Aaron Rodgers
Offensive POY: Adrian Peterson
Offensive ROY: Julio Jones
Defensive POY: Ndamukong Suh
Defensive ROY: Patrick Peterson