With GuysNation, I like to spread the word about awesome things I find, even if almost all of them are created by someone other than me.  Why?  Because I’d appreciate it if the tables were turned and someone showed me awesome things.

One such awesome thing is the YouTube news show by Philip DeFranco. He presents the news in a smart, concise, opinionated way, though he swears a bit, so you’ll either want headphones, a quick “earmuffs” shout out to the kids in the room, or if swearing bothers you, just don’t watch.  I’d say “don’t listen”, but at one point he spells it out on the screen.

Don’t be dissuaded by the title of the video, it’s just a reference to how her face looks in one of the screenshots.  And no, the video doesn’t contain any potty humor… except for that one line.

I’ll be doing my best to let you know whenever I see a new video posted in this series, and I might even cover his Movie Club series as well, though, spoiler alert, he gives spoilers for the films, so it’s no good unless you become part of the club and watch the movies ahead of time.

Oh yeah, and you can buy one of his shirts, too!