The New York Jets were going to be facing an uphill battle this weekend during the divisional round of the playoffs without any additional factors stacked against them, but they’re not that fortunate.  They must travel to New England to face the Patriots on the road after Bill Bellichick, Tom Brady and the rest of the Patriot squad spent last week waiting, watching, planning and most importantly resting.  While the Jets won the first battle with the AFC East division champions early in the season, the second chapter in the 2010 story had a much different outcome.  The 28-14 victory by the Jets early in the year was good, but the total points scored in that game didn’t equal the outcome posted by the Patriots alone in their second meeting.  In that game, the Jets didn’t manage to score a touchdown, and they only managed to connect successfully on one field goal.  One.

It was announced today that now the New York Jets will have to take on the Patriots without offensive lineman Damien Woody, who was placed on injured reserve due to a torn achilles tendon suffered last weekend against the Colts.  Woody is a two-time Pro Bowl player who has two Super Bowl rings – both from his time with the New England Patriots.  Now the Jets will have to bank on the fact that he might be useful to them in an analytic position, trying to help Rex Ryan and the Jets defense decode what the Patriots will be doing on offense.  You can be sure that Woody will have time, as he won’t have to worry about any on-field gameday responsibilities.