The new Man Of Steel trailer has been released by Warner Bros, and at nearly 2:30 in length, there’s plenty of new footage with some fairly key details arising. First the trailer, then the breakdown:

The first dialogue we hear is Clark, talking to his mom (Diane Lane) through a locked bathroom door, lamenting that the world is too big. Her advice to him is that he needs to make it small. Perhaps he’s coming to grips with the fact that he has the power to save the world, and it’s overwhelming to him. As it should be.

Then we get to the bus, which some might remember from previous trailers and/or the Comic-Con footage. A mother, talking to either Martha or Jonathan Kent, says her son was on the bus and he saw what Clark did. The footage shows the bus filling up with water, kids struggling for their lives, and then Clark behind the bus with the door open, no longer submerged in the water. Possibly the most interesting part of the trailer is what follows: a subsequent discussion between Clark and Jonathan Kent (Kevin Costner). Jonathan tells Clark that he has to keep this aspect of who he is a secret, meaning his powers. Clark, unsurprisingly, asks what he was supposed to do “just let them die?” And Jonathan’s response, which I didn’t see coming, is “Maybe.” Granted, he looks longingly into the distance at the moment, clearly uneasy with the advice he’s giving and the ramifications it would’ve brought.

Next comes an older Clark dealing with trying to figure out who he is, where he comes from, and what his purpose should be. We get a glimpse of, perhaps, the new vessel through which Kryptonian knowledge is passed to him – through a dark rod with the House Of El insignia on it. We know that part of the film will take place in a setting resembling the Arctic, and during at least one visit he’s wearing the suit. That’s most likely his initial visit and his initial emergence in the iconic suit, as they pay special attention to his take-off and flight – which looks amazing.

Jonathan’s voice-over helps bridge to the next scenes, where he says that Clark needs to decide what kind of man he wants to be, as he has the ability to change the world. We then get glimpses of mass destruction, alien invasion, a battle with General Zod, a look at Russell Crowe back on Krypton, and then we move to a very interesting part of the film which I’m looking forward to seeing. I feel this aspect of the film has the ability to change some peoples perception of Superman for the better.

The scene I’m talking about is the one depicted in the most recent teaser posters: Superman in shackles.

I would be shocked if this scene involves any use of Kryptonite. I would be shocked if the soldiers who are escorting Superman in that scene have any sort of control over Superman aside from his respect for their authority.

“My father believed that if the world found out who I really was, they’d reject me. He was convinced that the world wasn’t ready. What do you think?”

That quote from the trailer furthers the point that Superman believes the world is ready to know that there is a being on Earth, intent on doing good, which is more powerful than they could ever imagine.

In the comic books, this concept was addressed in an interesting manner through the Red Son storyline arc, whereby it was conjectured what would have transpired if Kal-El’s ship had arrived on Earth – not in Kansas, but in Soviet Russia. His character became a part of the National Defense, used as a weapon and sought to be controlled. I believe this aspect will find its way into Man Of Steel to some extent, and that will be part of the impetus for Superman seeking to have a private life aside from being Superman, keeping his powers a secret from those he interacts with on a daily basis. I believe this will drive home the point that Superman has huge decisions to make, and the implications on having to suppress his abilities and live as a common citizen the majority of his life will weigh on him. But it will also show that despite his abilities, he respects authority and he doesn’t have a thirst for power which he could so easily usurp.  Contrasting him with General Zod is a great direction for the first film, as it will clearly differentiate Superman’s compassion and perspective from someone who by all accounts is an alternate version of what he could become.

As more details arise, we will seek them out and share them here on GuysNation.

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