There are only certain events in the 2010 Vancouver games that I was looking forward to watching, including Men’s Ice Hockey and Curling. That’s it. Any other events I’ll end up watching will be by accident. It’s not that I can’t appreciate the athleticism involved, I just don’t really have any reason to care about the other events.

It has been well-reported that NBC is going to lose a lot of money by broadcasting this year’s Olympic games, and while I’m sure my suggestion wouldn’t put them financially “in the black” as relates to the Vancouver games, it could help.

Flipping through the channels, I ended up on NBC this afternoon for an obligatory 10 second attempt to see what they were showing, and I saw an intriguing story. American Dusty Wilson was brought in by Team China to help with their ski jump skills. NBC showed a well-produced featurette during the event this afternoon to display some of the fun-focused methods he used, and in the process it caused me to want to cheer for some of these Chinese athletes. Not that I necessarily want these individuals to keep Team USA from getting medals, but seeing a bit of the personalities of both the competitors and their coach, it keeps Team China from just being other names / faces in the hundreds of competitors in the 2010 Vancouver games.

It’s obvious that someone at NBC has been creating these hype videos (for lack of a better term) to introduce us to these Olympic athletes. If NBC wanted to increase the viewers of these Olympic games, they would better use these well-produced videos to help introduce us to the interesting stories out there. It’s wasted to just take these videos and place them amidst 6 hour blocks of “Winter Olympics”. These packages should be placed in key spots during Prime Time television and during both the morning and evening news.

In fact, I just noticed that one of the girls who does the ski jumping for Team USA grew up (albeit a decade younger than I am) 10 minutes from my hometown. A nice little video package shown during a commercial break of one of the many NBC shows I watch could’ve helped to inform me about that, and I would’ve known to tune-in. I would’ve known not to change the channel after watching the representatives from Team China do their ski jump. It would’ve helped give me some interest in an event I would’ve otherwise not tuned in for, and it’s NBC’s fault.

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