The 2013 “Decision” has been made, and Dwight Howard has landed with the Houston Rockets. So now what speculation should the talking heads be focused on when they turn their attention on the NBA? Here are my suggestions:

Golden State Warriors

Are the additions enough to help the team take a step forward? The Warriors will look significantly different next season – they lost Jarrett Jack and Carl Landry to free agency and Richard Jefferson and Brandon Rush to trade, but they landed Andre Iguodala and Kevin Murphy.


Los Angeles Clippers

Was Chris Paul right to stick around and try to take the team to the next level? He got a new coach, they’ve made some moves to switch up the roster a little bit, but does it all add up to be enough for advancing in the playoffs?

New Orleans Pelicans

Given the additions, will the team be competitive enough to convince people to buy merchandise for a team called The Pelicans?  Seriously, I can barely write the word without cringing, despite hearing all the reasons why the water fowl is a force with which to be reckoned.


Washington Wizards

Are they finally ready to return to the playoffs with their young core group of players? First-round draft picks John Wall, Bradley Beal and Otto Porter should mesh well with Nene, Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, but is it enough to find their way into post-season, that’s still up for debate. They could be an exciting young team to watch in the East.

Boston Celtics

Is the decision to put Brad Stevens at the helm of the Celtics going to be enough to create a winning system AND keep Rajon Rondo happy? Will Rondo or Jeff Green leave town before the team is able to get back to the point where they contend to win the Eastern Conference?

Brooklyn Nets

Will the additions of Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett and new head coach Jason Kidd result in the team being more competitive, or will the rookie coach and the new players have a negative effect on the squad’s chemistry that results in taking a step back?

Chicago Bulls

Can Derrick Rose be the same player he was before the injury? According to some people, he could have made a return during the playoffs when the team was floundering and struggling to tread water due to injuries to other players, but the response from Rose had some people thinking that his injury had left lasting effects on his psyche. There’s no guarantee that he’s going to be an MVP caliber player when he’s back in the lineup.


Houston Rockets

What, just because Dwight Howard picked a new team, the talk should move elsewhere? Not when his new team potentially becomes the favorite to win the Western Conference. Did Dwight Howard make the right choice to join James Harden and Jeremy Lin in Houston? It has been said that Dwight does his best work when he doesn’t have to be the focus, and with a less intense environment which will be far less critical of Howard, it would seem to be a good fit, but time will tell.

Los Angeles Lakers

How will the team go about their retooling process? Kobe Bryant’s hurt, Dwight Howard went elsewhere, and Steve Nash isn’t getting any younger. That essentially leaves Pau Gasol as the primary piece to build around for the upcoming season, so will they even attempt to change things up?

NBA: DEC 25: Heat at Lakers

Miami Heat

Are the Big Three destined to remain together with the reports of Chris Bosh potentially being on the way out? Neither of the two championships should be heavily attributed to Bosh’s contributions, and he has reportedly sold his house. It was widely accepted that Bosh shouldn’t be considered a “Big”, and it’s easy to see why the team might feel the same way, consider unloading his contract on another team and looking to fill their roster with some improvements in other areas while replacing Bosh.