Both the East and West conferences have their list of teams going to the playoffs.  What they don’t have yet is the seeding nor the first round match ups which follow.  Some teams having one game remaining, others two, let’s see what the shape of things looks like at present:


Everyone else starts in the East, so why not give the other coast the courtesy of going first for once?

Top Seed – San Antonio

The Spurs have locked up the top spot in the West, and if they win one of their remaining two, they’ll be guaranteed at least a share of the best record in the NBA, with Chicago one game behind them for the NBA regular season crown and both teams left with two games on the schedule.  Both of the Spurs remaining games are on the road, taking on the Lakers (29-11 at home) tonight and the Suns (22-18) on Wednesday.

2-3-4 Seeds

Dallas (56-25), the Lakers (55-25) and Oklahoma City (55-26) are battling it out for the spots immediately trailing the Spurs.  If Dallas wins tomorrow at home against New Orleans (18-22 on the road), the Mavericks will be assured of a record at least on par with the Lakers, and they’ll surpass any wins total Oklahoma City could amass.  The Thunder only have one game remaining; Milwaukee (12-28) comes to town in a very winnable game for Durant And Company.  The Lakers host San Antonio tonight and then visit Sacramento on Wednesday, where the Kings share the worst home record (11-29) in the NBA.

5 Seed – Denver Nuggets

The Mile High ballers are currently 5 games behind the 2-3-4 squads with only one game left on their schedule – at Utah (20-20 at home) on Wednesday night.  The Nuggets are 2.5 games ahead of the teams chasing them, and none of those teams have more than two games remaining, so the seeding here is set.

6-7-8 Seeds

Portland (47-33), Memphis (46-34) and New Orleans (46-35) are still fighting to see how the bottom three seeds in the West will shake out.  Portland is obviously in the driver’s seat with one more win than either of the other two and two games remaining. The Blazers host Memphis (16-23 on the road) on Tuesday and finish up with a visit to Golden State (25-15 at home) on Wednesday.  Tonight’s game proves to be vital for the Grizzlies, as Memphis stands no chance of catching Portland if they lose.  Memphis finishes up Wednesday visiting the Clippers (22-18 at home).  New Orleans has just one game remaining after a tough loss to Utah (a non-playoff team) at home last night, and they’ll be visiting Dallas on Wednesday.  The Hornets need Memphis to lose one of its last two games if they hope to match the Grizzlie’s win total, and if the Blazers lose to Memphis, New Orleans could still match their win total if Portland loses to the Warriors.


Top Seed – Chicago Bulls

All the Bulls are chasing now is the top record in the NBA, as they have amassed three more wins than the Heat, and Miami only has one game left on their schedule.  Chicago visits Madison Square Garden tonight to take on the Knicks (23-17 at home) and then play host to New Jersey (5-25 on the road) to end the season on Wednesday.

2 Seed – Miami Heat

The Heat can’t catch the Bulls, but they also can’t be caught by the Celtics, who have two fewer wins than Miami and both teams only have one game left to play.  Toronto (16-24 at home) plays host to the Heat to end the season Wednesday night.

3 Seed – Boston Celtics

Their hopes of catching The Heat were extinguished on Monday night with the Washington Wizards playing the unlikely role of spoiler.  The Celtics return home for a game against the Knicks (19-21 on the road) for a game which could be a preview for the first round series between the teams (which would happen if the season ended today).  The Celtics can’t be caught by Orlando, which has a four game deficiency in the win column.

4 Seed – Orlando Magic

Though they can’t squeak up another spot in the standings, the Orlando Magic are firmly entrenched in the upper half of the conference, 7 games ahead of the current 5 seed.

5-6-7 Seeds

This is where it gets a bit convoluted.

Atlanta is currently the 5th seed.  They’ve got one game left, and the only way they can be caught is if they lose their visit to Charlotte (20-20 at home) and the Knicks win their remaining two games.  New York being victorious in the next two seems unlikely, however, as they host Chicago and then visit Boston, two of the top two seeds in the East.  Philadelphia has one game left, and they can tie the Knicks if New York doesn’t win again this season.  To accomplish that, the 76’ers would have to beat Detroit (8-32 on the road) in Philly and then hope for two losses by the Knicks.  There’s no chance that the 76’ers will catch Atlanta, so the best they can hope for is the 6 seed.

8 Seed – Indiana Pacers

Good news and bad news for the Pacers.  Good news – they made the playoffs, as Milwaukee is 3 games back with one game left to play.  Bad news – they’re going to play the Chicago Bulls in the first round, against whom the Pacers are 1-3 this season, with their lone win coming in their last meeting, a victory in Indiana by 7 points.  The three losses were each by double digits, with two of those margins coming in around the 20 point mark.