I don’t care about the first half of an NBA playoff game, so long as the game is moderately close when you hit the mid-way point in the third quarter.  Most good teams make runs, so for my money, there’s no reason to watch the first half of an NBA basketball game.


Starting late into the third quarter and lasting the remainder of the game, Kobe Bryant helped the cause of the Boston Celtics more than his Los Angeles Lakers.  Kobe Bryant only hit 1 basket during the final third of the game (from my count, anyway) and he missed over a half-dozen of them, each seemingly turning into a turnover and an opportunity for the Boston Celtics to cut away at the deficit.  Though I don’t think they actually lead at any point during the final third of the game, the score was just a one-point difference at times during that span, and Kobe Bryant is a big reason for that.

A glaring statistic for why the Boston Celtics lost on their home floor in New England tonight involves Ray Allen’s box score numbers.

He was horrible tonight.

The last number I saw, he had very few points (if any) for the entire game, and he hadn’t made a single field goal.

For as much as I keep hearing how big of an influence Kobe Bryant and Ray Allen are supposed to have on this series, tonight’s game was highly affected by both of them… though in the opposite way from what many have described.  Each helped the other team more than they helped their own.