Nature is crazy, so periodically I’m going to share some of my favorite things I’ve seen that make me go “Nature, WHAT?!”

This is the Baron Caterpillar using its amazing camouflage.

Don’t see it? Look in the very middle of the picture. It’s in the middle of the leaf.

Someone needs to figure out what makes that thing work the way it does, and then figure out how to mass produce it for use in military and all sorts of other uses.

What’s next? Oh, just a fish able to send its bio-luminescence out of its body, no big deal.

I don’t know what type of fish it is, but some people are calling it a Hadouken Fish, and if you don’t know what a “Hadouken” is, you better go check up on your Street Fighter.

An iceberg has most of its mass underwater, and occasionally they’ll flip over. When that happens, the newly exposed part looks amazing, smoothed out like glass by passing currents.

Looks like something Superman might have in the Fortress of Solitude, right?

And while we’re on the topic of icebergs, here’s one last story about how a town on the East Coast of Canada got to see a 150ft iceberg float past on its way north.

That’s the size of a 15-story building, folks.

Lastly, a bonus link: apparently a nearly 9 foot shark leapt into a fisherman’s boat recently, and despite “bleeding profusely”, the 73-year-old man┬álived to tell the tale and share pictures.