Qualifying was rained out at Dover on Saturday.  NASCAR has put in a new system for setting the lineup in case qualifying is cancelled.  They are setting the lineup by fastest practice times and owners points.  The top 35 places in owners points will still sit ahead of the remaining 8 spots (the race limit is 43 cars), but the positions will be set by the practice time speeds in Friday’s practice.  That puts Jimmy Johnson on the Pole with A.J. Allmendiner in the front row with Jimmy.  To round it out, the rest of the top-five qualifiers are: Dale Jr., Kasey Kahne, and Joey Logano.  A good article that discusses the new change with A.J can be found at the following article on NASCAR.com.

Other news this week is the ongoing feuding between Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick.  The two got into it during the Darlington race last week, which included an incident on Pit Row after the race.  NASCAR has announced at the beginning of the season that it was going to be more hands-off when dealing with the drivers and let them police themselves.  So far this season, they have penalized Robby Gordon for an incident in the garage area and he is on probation the rest of the season.  Now to add to that, both Kyle and Kevin were fined $25,000 and placed on probation as well.  Looking at the video, I don’t see where Kevin deserved to be turned into the wall after the three-wide contact with Clint Boyer.  I do see why NASCAR fined both drivers and put them on probation.  Their Pit-Road altercation left a car moving without a driver in it and someone could have been hurt.  Kevin got out of his car, while Busch was parked behind him.  Kevin went to confront Kyle and Kyle pushed Kevin’s car and drove away while Kevin threw a punch at him.  Kevin’s car turned and rolled into the wall of pit road.  It was stupid in my opinion.  I think they should be able to settle things, but you can’t put other people in harm’s way.  Check out the video and see for yourself: Video.

Harvick-Busch Feud at Darlington Erupts

On another note, there is something that should not be overshadowed by the Busch – Harvick antics at Darlington; I wanted to throw out congratulations to Regan Smith for his first win.  He held off Carl Edwards two win last Saturday.

If the race is held today at 1 with the weather on the East Coast acting up I think that we won’t see much between Kevin and Kyle.  I think with them being put on notice it will settle down for a little.  Then again, this is NASCAR and if the two get into a tight spot, who knows what could happen.  Kyle is the last winner at Dover and he has been on fire in recent weeks; he should be in contention for the win today.  Dale Jr. has been racing well, but with a bad pit decision in Richmond costing him a top 5 finish and a penalty on entering Pit Road in Darlington costing him a top 10 finish, I am hoping that he and his team are focused this week.  He needs to get out of his winless streak.  I think Jimmy Johnson and A.J. Allmendinger should be watched as well.