I have to let you know right off the bat that I did not watch the race on Sunday.  I know, I know, it is difficult to comment on the race if you don’t actually watch the race…true.  But I can always give my comments on the results.  Oh, and I had a really good reason to miss the race.  I had to go to the woods and swap out the SD cards on the game cameras and renew the batteries on one of them.  So a good day out in the woods with a buddy and his son was worth missing the race.  Of course, I am sort of happy that I missed a race that resulted in a Kyle Busch win and a Jimmy third place finish.  Like I said before, it was a good day to be in the woods.

Curious Deer

Jr. jumped up one place in the chase standings with an eleventh place finish.  We all know how volatile the chase standings are early in the season.  Look at Kyle jumping up and down the chards.  I also think that with the new scoring system, it is going to keep the top drivers jumping up and down the rankings for longer than any other season.  I am looking forward to how this all pans out.

I am biding my time for a Jr. win.  I think this is the season that he is going to break his streak and win a race.  I can’t say I follow the number that closely, but I know it is over 90 races without a win.  As long as he stays consistently in the top 10 drivers I hold out hope.  He has one pole and two top 10 finishes in 4 races.  We shall see.  I know all the haters out there will say a lot of negative things about Jr.  Feel free to post your responses, but being a loyal fan, I am holding out hope.

I should get to watch the race this week…NASCAR is headed to Fontana in California.  It is a 2 mile long track and not my favorite race to watch, but it sure beats a road course.  I am a fan of the short tracks.  I have my tickets to Richmond and can’t wait to head out for race day.