What is it about March 4th?  With Matt Damon’s new movie’s arrival in theaters, I now have two movies I want to see being released on that date.

About a decade ago I saw a movie called Dark City in the movie theater.  It was one of the most original films I had ever seen, although the nature of its science fiction content doesn’t make it a film which would have any significant mainstream success.  Now with the trailers I’m seeing for The Adjustment Bureau, I’m reminded of Dark City, with some exceptions which could lead to The Adjustment Bureau being considerably more popular amongst the masses.

While both films deal with a segment of society who alter the realities and memories of others, The Adjustment Bureau is set in a world to which more people are likely to relate.  Dark City had a film noir feel to it, and the overall feel to the film (from the lighting, the music, the creepy “others”, the tone in the voices of all the characters) felt foreboding.

Despite the inclusion of Jennifer Connolly and Keifer Sutherland amongst the cast, Dark City didn’t have much in the way of star power thanks mostly to the plot focusing on protagonist Rufus Sewell and a cast of creepy indistinguishable “others” as the antagonists.  The Adjustment Bureau shouldn’t lack for memorable performances, as it stars Matt Damon, Emily Blunt, John Slattery and Terrance Stamp.

If you aren’t familiar with Dark City and creepy films with thick plots don’t discourage you, I’d suggest you check it out between now and early March.  I’m guessing that after seeing The Adjustment Bureau you probably won’t appreciate Dark City as much (though they’re significantly different enough that it’s not even close to being a remake).

Whether it turns out to be a decent movie or a great one, I’m anxiously awaiting The Adjustment Bureau.

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