When people told me that the Jon Favreau directed version of Iron Man was possibly the best super hero movie they had ever seen, I was a bit skeptical, which is why it took me WAY longer to go to the theater to see it than it should’ve.

It rocked of awesomeness.

I won’t make the same mistake with Iron Man 2.  I will be in the theater the weekend it comes out.

No, not the night it comes out, or any silly midnight viewings.  I’m a comic book nerd who likes to see the super heroes from Marvel and D.C. comics come to life… but I have a life.

Look at this poster for the sequel.

Iron Man 2

How could this movie NOT be awesome?

Get the steamies to see the sequel yet?

I’m itchin’ to see it, despite the fact that they got rid of Terrance Howard.  I mean, I like Don Cheadle, but he just doesn’t seem right for the role (though admittedly I haven’t seen Traitor yet, so maybe he could be).

Robert Downey Jr. looks to do a great job as per usual. It’s good to see Gwyneth Paltrow on board again. Mickey Rourke as Whiplash should be fun. I always like Sam Rockwell, and I’ve heard Samuel L. Jackson plays a larger role as Nick Fury in this one (though it’s hard to have less of a role than he did in the first movie, where he appeared for less than 5 minutes… after the credits).

Throw in some Scarlet Johansson in a tight outfit?  Sold.

Trailer time, as always.  This time you’ll have to sit through a short commercial first, but it only takes 20 seconds.

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