When I decide what to see in the theaters, I like to take into account what other reviewers have said about films currently in the theater. But while I like to take an informed approach, I obviously do have a “gut feeling” about movies, based on what I’ve seen from trailers, the performers involved, writers, directors and previous films.

This article, and the ones which will follow as part of a periodic new feature on this site, will explain the “Gut Feeling” I have pertaining to the various movies hitting theaters that weekend.

Here goes nothing… feedback appreciated!

The Heat


If you think this movie looks entertaining, more power to you, but I’m thinking it looks like garbage. Sure, Melissa McCarthy can be entertaining, and Sandra Bullock is talented, but that doesn’t mean this has to be a quality flick. Paul Feig did well with Bridesmaids, but that doesn’t mean that his follow-up project has to be entertaining. Katie Dippold is an unproven writer, at least in terms of movies, so we’ll have to see if her work on MADtv and Parks And Recreation translates to the big screen. At best, I’m thinking this movie will be “decent”. If you go, be sure to have lowered expectations.

White House Down


I didn’t see Olympus Has Fallen, but I’m betting it’s not as good as White House Down. Neither seems remotely plausible, but Jamie Foxx is typically very entertaining in what he’s involved in, and Channing Tatum is a talented guy who has a history of making average movies better. I’ll probably end up seeing this before it leaves theaters, but that speaks more to the lack of things coming out this summer that I want to see.


A thriller from Neil Jordan, starring the very talented Saoirse Ronan and the lovely Gemma Arterton, and so far it’s getting “above average” reviews. Not sure I’d jump on it this week, but I’m sure I’ll see it before 2014 is over.

A Band Called Death

I really like the Alamo Drafthouse and a lot of things they have going on, and if for no other reason than that, I’m interested in this documentary, their first feature release ever, one of three they’ve got this summer. Its description as “equal parts electrifying rockumentary and epic family love story” sounds good to me as well. Perhaps not good enough for me to see this weekend, but it’ll get serious consideration at some point in the next few weeks.

Verdict: I haven’t seen THE BLING RING yet, as I was still in MAN OF STEEL mode last weekend, so if I get to the theater this weekend, that’ll probably be what I check out. THIS IS THE END and BEFORE MIDNIGHT are both getting good reviews, so I’d consider them as well, depending on who’s headed to the box office with me.

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