Going to the movie theater this weekend but not sure what to check out? Here are some suggestions:

A Very Harold & Kumar Christmas
If you know about Harold & Kumar, you already know whether you’re going to see this or not. If you don’t know about them, then you should go see it if you like crazy, lude humor with sex and drugs strewn about generously.

Ides of March
I’ve heard the Clooney / Gosling flick is so good that you’re left wanting it to continue, but you’re not dissatisfied with the ending. Chances are good that you’ve seen it already, but it’s still atop my list.

Tower Heist
Ben Stiller. Eddie Murphy. A bunch of other people. Comedy. If that interests you, then you might be entertained. I’m going to be avoiding it, but that’s because of my own issues with Ben Stiller, but I realize that most other people enjoy his movies.

Paranormal Activity 3
If you’re having Halloween Withdraw and you want to be scared out of your mind. Also, it’s a prequel prequel, so if you’ve seen the other 2, you need to see this one, and if you haven’t seen any of them, this might be a weird-but-potentially-good place to start.  We have a review of the trilogy, so check that out while you’re here.

The Rum Diary
If you enjoyed Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas or you want to see Johnny Depp play a character similar to Jack Sparrow who isn’t actually a pirate. Or if you like Amber Heard, like we do.

In Time
If you’re looking for a Sci-Fi flick with an interesting concept and plenty of the top talents of young Hollywood

The World Series just ended, and this flick about the Oakland A’s is looking like it’s leaving theaters soon, and I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

Puss In Boots
If you have a kid and want to see a movie that will entertain them and won’t annoy you. It’s made by the people from Shrek, and it’s getting relatively high marks from the critics

Real Steel
If you already saw Puss In Boots or your kid doesn’t want to watch a cartoon, we’ve heard this is actually a decent movie. Don’t go in expecting “great”, though. And if you were hoping a Rock’Em-Sock’Em Robots style movie was going to be “great”, you need the “expectations” part of your brain checked.

The other alternative: Save your money for another week or two
There are plenty of good movies coming out soon. Keep an eye out for J.Edgar, London Boulevard, The Descendants, Hugo, The Muppets and a few others… all coming out before the month is over!

What to Avoid:

We shouldn’t have to explain this one…

Johnny English Reborn
Unless you’re a Brit reading this article, in which case you already know about this film and you’ve likely seen it twice already.

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