With hundreds of movie review blogs across the internet, there are some great voices who have yet to be recognized by major media outlets, and we want to help amplify their voice. We’ve setup a community in which those individuals can share their perspectives, and we’re working on functionality to have those reviews feed into the means to recommend what films you’re going to enjoy watching.

For Reviewers

Who’s helping promote your movie reviews? Is your site organized to easily allow people to find each of your reviews, both alphabetically and based on your favorites (and least favorites)? How are you getting more involved with the movie review community to learn some of the tricks of the trade while making contacts with like-minded individuals? When  you can’t always simply rely on seeing new movies, how do you decide what film to review next? We’re here to help with all of that.

We’re building up a community and a reviewer-promoting solution which is going to be an invaluable resource for movie reviewers. What does it take to get involved?

Sign up for a free account – contact rob at guysnation [dot] com and provide the following information

  • Your name
  • Your nickname
  • Name the first movie that comes to mind when asked “Favorite movie of all time?”
  • Year of your birth
  • City you live closest to
  • Your gender
  • Link to your blog (if applicable)
  • Twitter name (if applicable)

Start Rating – you will receive a link through which you will enter your ratings into the system, along with a link to a review you’ve done. If you haven’t reviewed a film yet but you plan to in the future, you can always come back and edit your record to include your link and a brief (2-3 sentence) review if you’d like. To help you decide which movies to start entering into our system, we’ve setup quite a few list sub-sets to choose from, including (but not limited to) the following:

  • The Classics
  • The New Classics
  • The Lesser Known Films
  • Former Best Picture Nominees (by decade)

One of the features we’re developing is a points-scoring system to reward reviewers for rating high percentages of films in the various categories. Want to be the leader of the Horror Movie review area? Share your perspective more frequently than your fellow reviewers.

Get Involved On The Forums – one of the more popular areas in GuysNation is the Round Table discussions, and the forum is where those get built and refined, as it’s way easier than doing that through email. You’ll want to sign up for an account on the forum, email rob to let him know your account needs approval, and then once you get privileges assigned, get involved in discussions or start one of your own!