Instead of having a handful of articles, I wanted to kick start peoples week by giving some movie news all in one spot.

Enjoy WEDDING CRASHERS? Not a surprise, it was a great movie, and the comedy tandem of Owen Wilson + Vince Vaughn was an entertaining one… which is exactly why you should be excited that they’re teaming back up again for THE INTERNSHIP. The flick was penned by Vaughn himself and will be directed by the guy who directed DATE NIGHT and both NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM films, among other things. (The Hollywood Reporter)

If you’re going to see AVENGERS this summer, I’d be shocked if you weren’t interested in seeing DARK KNIGHT RISES (unless you hate the Batman / Bane voice growling thing). When you go to see AVENGERS in a couple weeks, you’ll get to see the next trailer for the third (and final) Nolan Batman flick, as the studio decided that’s a great opportunity to market their film. (ComingSoon)

Think AVENGERS is only going to make you want more CAPTAIN AMERICA action? You won’t have to wait TOO long. Although IRON MAN 3 is coming in 2013, the sequel to THE FIRST AVENGER is coming in April 2014… which means the Summer season is starting a month earlier than I’d expect. (Hero Complex)

Box Office:

THINK LIKE A MAN won the box office weekend with a nice earnings figure of roughly $33 million. Their budget was roughly a third of that amount at $12 million, so their studio is probably thrilled with that sort of opening weekend.

Also debuting this week was THE LUCKY ONE, which pulled in $22 million to end up a considerable amount behind the first place spot.

No one’s surprised that THE HUNGER GAMES were able to stay in the top 3, as it builds onto its incredible earnings of $356 million, tacking on an extra $14 mil this weekend to end up in third.

CHIMPANZEE gets the fourth spot by bringing in $10 M, and rounding out the top 5, somehow THREE STOOGES finds a way to bring its earnings in line with it’s $30 M budget in just its second weekend. (Box Office Mojo)

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