Sometimes it’s not good enough to just post pictures of beautiful women, we need to get a chance to know them better. That’s why I got an interview with Morgan Caitlin, whom I got to know a little bit on Twitter (@morgancaitlin). As a beauty who is also a sports fan and in pursuit of her doctorate, she’s certainly a rarity.

GuysNation: It’s not often that I encounter a model who’s studying to become a doctor. What got you interested in getting your Doctorate Of Physical Therapy?

BH2BqyzCEAAcqUGMorgan Caitlin: Throughout my entire life, my family pushed me to perform the best I can in all aspects of life, especially education. I love learning and growing and I carried that throughout my time in school. I pushed myself hard enough to be accepted into one of the top DPT schools and am so proud of that. I graduated with honors with a B.A. in Biology and a minor in Spanish. I have been a tomboy my entire life, playing sports and staying active all the time. Therefore, I have had plenty of injuries and thus plenty of physical therapy to get myself better, so I know firsthand what it is like to be on the patient end. Also, I have been working as a Physical Therapy Aide for years at a local hospital and really enjoyed helping others and could see myself being a Doctor of Physical Therapy; so I pushed and pursued and now here I am, a DPT student!

GuysNation: How difficult has it been thus far getting people to take you seriously, given how attractive you are?

Morgan Caitlin: Well, I guess initially people will judge me based on appearance. I have heard things from “I really thought you were going to be completely stuck up” to “Your personality definitely does not fit the way you look.” To me, everyone is beautiful in their own way. I have always prided myself on not judging a book by its cover, and I love getting to know people more and to learn and grow from them. I completely dislike ignorance and society’s push to put everyone in their own individualized boxes. People cannot be put into boxes; I believe we have so much more to off than just one particular thing or label. I love seeing people’s reactions when they actually get to know me. I am definitely trying to tone it down, but quite often, I talk like a sailor and act like one of the guys. And honestly, that’s just me. I’m silly, clumsy, a tomboy and a nerd, and I’m proud to be just me!

GuysNation: How did you first get into modeling?

Morgan Caitlin: Close family and friends would consistently tell me to try out modeling as apparently, I have “the face for modeling.” Eventually, a friend of mine got invited to an awesome shoot in Atlantic City, NJ with an amazing makeup artists and handmade outfits. After that, I pretty much fell in love.

GuysNation: I’ve heard you’re a Philly sports fan. Who first got you interested in sports? Your dad? Maybe a brother or a boyfriend?

Morgan Caitlin: Excuse me, but just because I am a female does not mean that I learned about sports through a male (can you tell I’m a feminist?). I have always been active and into fitness since I can remember. BOTH of my parent (including my mother, who is in fact a female) were huge into sports growing up, so I guess being a sporty tomboy was already encoded in my DNA from birth. I actually went to my dad in third grade and asked him if I could join a few sports leagues since I was already playing tackle football and street basketball with the boys in the area, I figured it would be awesome to play for an actual competitive league. My dad was also the one and only Philadelphia Flyers’ mascot the year after they won the Stanley Cup so he taught me how to ice skate at a young age, and I, of course, always refused to wear figure skates and opted for hockey skates instead.


GuysNation: What are your favorite teams?

Morgan Caitlin: My favorite teams are the Philadelphia Flyers, the Philadelphia Phillies, and the Philadelphia 76ers.

GuysNation: Have you met any professional athletes?

Morgan Caitlin: Yes, I’ve actually met quite a few – some being some of the nicest, most genuine people I have ever met and some… well, not so nice.

GuysNation: Are there any athletes you’d like to meet… maybe go out on a date with?

Morgan Caitlin: I would love to meet Michael Jordan. He has been an inspiration to me my whole life. To pick his brain would be a dream.

GuysNation: You’ve mentioned that you like modeling because it gives you an artistic outlet. What are some of your favorite photoshoots you’ve done?

Morgan Caitlin: I love editorial style shoots. I love shots with raw emotion and movement. I love playing different characters in shoots. I love anything different, unique and completely out there. I’m pretty much game for anything when it comes to shoot. I love getting my makeup done and looking myself in the mirror, changing myself into the character that I believe my team has in mind for the shoot. This allows me to escape reality for awhile. On the other hand, I also use life experiences to draw out that raw emotion for shoots, allowing a cleansing experience for my soul. After the shoot is over, I feel amazingly calm and cleansed.


GuysNation: What other sorts of artistic outlets do you enjoy? Dancing? Painting?

Morgan Caitlin: I love dancing. I’ve been dancing for a dance company for the last few months and Go Go dance in places like Atlantic City. You can’t beat getting paid to do what you love and to get some awesome cardio in. I love writing as a release as well… I’ll write anything from poetry to short stories just to give myself the emotional outlet I need. I have become good friends with amazing artists in the Philadelphia area so painting is going to be my next venture into the art world.

GuysNation: A lot of women say that sex is a way that they feel they can express themselves. Does that ring true for you?

Morgan Caitlin: For me, sex can be just that… sex. Or it could be a lot more, depending on your sexual partner and if there are feelings attached. Sex can be very expressive definitely, or it could be a drag. Letting go is hard for some people, but the older I get the more confident I am with who I am as a person and the more I can enjoy sex

GuysNation: I’m sure there are a lot of parallels between sex and some photoshoots, in the way that you can express emotions without words, but with your body. Do you feel the same type of freedom and enjoyment in both, or are they totally different?

Morgan Caitlin: Hmmmm… they’re not totally different. I mean I can think about some sexual fantasy to get “that look” on my face, but to be completely honest, I pretty much black out when I’m shooting. I move around, pose based on what I’m feeling at the time, take direction when needed, but for the most part I’m consistently moving and changing positions and I couldn’t even put my finger on exactly what I’m thinking. I use past experiences to convey emotions to the camera, but I could not even tell you what experience I’ve used because I’m not quite sure – I just go with it and feel amazing afterwards (I guess just like I do after sex haha)!

GuysNation: Just some silly questions at this point. You had something on Twitter about Wawa. What’s your favorite thing to get during a “Wawa run”?

Morgan Caitlin: I am not sure I could ever live without a Wawa… it’s such a life saver! I love their yogurt parfaits, apples with peanut butter and I usually opt for a cheese hoagie with almost every veggie they offer. Sometimes, I’ll treat myself to a Ben & Jerry’s frozen yogurt if I feel like I deserve it.

GuysNation: Just like a lot of us, it looks like you take to Netflix when it’s late and you can’t sleep. See anything good lately?

Morgan Caitlin: I rarely watch cable anymore and am completely obsessed with my Roku box. On Netflix, I love watching documentaries, independent films, or movies that are just plain strange. Recently, I watched Melancholia which had my head spinning. I love trying to figure out what a movie is trying to portray and what symbolism each scene holds. I love keeping my creative mind racing!

GuysNation: What’s the weirdest thing someone has Tweeted to you?

Morgan Caitlin: Anything pertaining to a goddess or unreal or anything like that is extremely flattering and I am so appreciative of my supporters, so I guess it’s not weird, it’s just that I do not see myself like that at all. I’m a sporty, clumsy, Jersey girl with a sailor’s mouth who loves hanging with her cat in bed whenever she gets the time haha


GuysNation: The GRAMMYs just happened a couple weeks ago… what are some of your favorite songs of the moment?

Morgan Caitlin: I basically listen to pretty much every genre of music. Some of my favorite songs right now include Tesselate by Alt J, Blue Jeans by Lana del Ray, Team by Lourde and basically the entire Carton of Cool album by one of my favorite local artists, Davon.

GuysNation: All time favorites?

Morgan Caitlin: My all time favorites include In My Time of Dying by Led Zeppelin, Comfortably Numb by Pink Floyd, Just a Girl by Gwen Stefani and Changes by Tupac Shakur.

GuysNation: What do you usually wear to bed, on a typical evening?

Morgan Caitlin: I usually just wear a comfy tee or tank and some comfy undies.

GuysNation: I’ve heard you’re something of a Jedi…?

Morgan Caitlin: I’m pretty much a ninja/witch/alien… so you better watch it 😉

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