There hasn't been a lot to cheer for in Miami, including an apparent occupation of the stadium by the Empire. Photo courtesy

There hasn’t been a lot to cheer for in Miami, including an apparent occupation of the stadium by the Empire. Photo courtesy

Good morning! And Happy Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you! It’s been two weeks and it’s time for another edition of MLB Power Rankings!

As with every 2nd edition of the Power Rankings in a season, there’s going to be a lot of movement up and down the board. Why? Simple: our sample size has effectively doubled.

Take Houston, for example. When we last checked in, they were 6-6. Not bad, but not great either. But the Astros have gone an astounding 12-1 since then including a current 10-game winning streak. Their climb up the board is still tempered because, well, it’s the Astros, but results are results.

We can also put San Francisco into that boat. Or, um, landspeeder (because it’s Star Wars Day, duh). After starting out 4-10 and having a habit of not making the postseason after winning the World Series the year before, I stuck the Giants way down in the cellar. But now San Francisco is just one game away from getting back to .500 and things look a lot better than they did just two weeks ago.

But I’m not going to break down the movement either up or down the rankings for every team. That would defeat the purpose of posting the rankings. So, without further ado, here are the latest Power Rankings!


1. Detroit Tigers | 17-9 (8-5 Home, 9-4 Road) [Net Change From Last Ranking: ± 0]
It’s hard not to dethrone them with the way St. Louis has been playing, but for now they stay atop here.

2. St. Louis Cardinals | 18-6 (11-2 Home, 7-4 Road) [+ 2]
Kolten Wong is becoming a bigger and bigger force for an already powerful Cardinals team.

3. Los Angeles Dodgers | 16-8 (13-2 Home, 3-6 Road) [- 1]
They’re off to a good start, but they haven’t played too many games in a galaxy far, far away.

4. Kansas City Royals | 16-9 (9-4 Home, 7-5 Road) [- 1]
I had them on the #2 line before they lost back-to-back games at home.

5. New York Yankees | 16-9 (6-6 Home, 10-3 Road) [+ 5]
I say this tentatively, but things are going pretty well (so far) in the first post-Jeter season.

6. New York Mets | 16-10 (11-3 Home, 5-7 Road) [± 0]
That slump I anticipated hasn’t come just yet. Maybe moving the outfield walls in really did the trick?

7. Baltimore Orioles | 12-11 (6-4 Home, 6-7 Road) [± 0]
There were fewer people at that game with the White Sox than a pod race on Hoth.

8. Houston Astros | 18-7 (8-5 Home, 10-2 Road) [+ 9]
This is about as low as I can put Houston without being blatantly unfair to them.

9. Chicago Cubs | 13-10 (7-7 Home, 6-3 Road) [+ 4]
If the Cubs make the postseason in their first year under Maddon, Chi-town may just make him mayor.

10. San Diego Padres | 14-12 (9-7 Home, 5-5 Road) [- 1]
Even though they drop down a spot here, things are still plenty sunny in San Diego.

11. Tampa Bay Rays | 13-12 (7-8 Home, 6-4 Road) [+ 8]
Watching Baltimore and Chicago play without any fans must’ve reminded the Rays of a home game.

12. Minnesota Twins | 13-12 (9-4 Home, 4-8 Road) [+13]
They’re over .500, so putting them this high is necessary, but I’d be very surprised if they stay here.

13. Atlanta Braves | 12-13 (6-7 Home, 6-6 Road) [- 8]
The Braves being second in the NL East isn’t all that big, but to the Mets? That’s worth a double-take.

14. Boston Red Sox | 12-13 (6-7 Home, 6-6 Road) [- 6]
Things haven’t gone well for the Sox these past two weeks, but it’s still early.

15. Pittsburgh Pirates | 12-13 (12-13 (6-4 Home, 6-9 Road) [- 3]
If they don’t lose in extra innings yesterday, they could’ve been at least five spots higher.

16. Cincinnati Reds | 12-13 (6-5 Home, 6-8 Road) [+ 5]
Billy Hamilton could make the Kessel Run in 12 Parsecs.

17. Colorado Rockies | 11-13 (4-5 Home, 7-8 Road) [- 6]
They should play better at home, but can they maintain .500 ball on the road?

18. Washington Nationals | 12-14 (5-5 Home, 7-9 Road) [- 3]
They have yet to live up to expectations. They’re supposed to bring balance to the force!

19. Toronto Blue Jays | 12-14 (5-5 Home, 7-9 Road) [- 1]
They’re going to have to play better both at home and on the road to get out the AL East basement.

20. San Francisco Giants | 12-13 (7-6 Home, 5-7 Road) [+ 7]
Their current 3-game winning streak broke them out of the bottom third of these rankings.

21. Miami Marlins | 12-13 (8-7 Home, 4-6 Road) [+ 8]
Yes, they’ve turned things around, but I still don’t think they’ll contend for the division.

22. Los Angeles Angels | 11-14 (4-6 Home, 7-8 Road) [± 0]
The Josh Hamilton era that came in with a bang goes out with a whimper.

23. Oakland Athletics | 11-15 (4-9 Home, 7-6 Road) [- 7]
The need for ‘moneyball’ rises greatly when your current play doesn’t warrant putting fans in seats.

24. Arizona Diamondbacks | 10-14 (6-8 Home, 4-6 Road) [- 10]
I may or may not have been a little too optimistic last time that Arizona has turned things around.

25. Seattle Mariners | 10-15 (5-7 Home, 5-8 Road) [- 5]
They doubled down on playoff aspirations with their roster moves, but so far it has yet to payoff

26. Cleveland Indians | 9-15 (4-8 Home, 5-7 Road) [- 2]
You can’t win the pennant in April, but you certainly can lose it. And the Indians may have done that.

27. Chicago White Sox | 8-14 (6-3 Home, 2-11 Road) [- 1]
Who knows where they’d be if they’re road play wasn’t downright embarrassing?

28. Texas Rangers | 8-16 (3-9 Home, 5-7 Road) [- 5]
They did the right thing bring Hamilton home, but so far good will is the only thing they’re winning.

29. Philadelphia Phillies | 9-17 (6-6 Home, 3-11 Road) [- 1]
This team is older than Obi-Wan Kenobi in Episode IV.

30. Milwaukee Brewers | 7-18 (3-10 Home, 4-8 Road) [± 0]
It seems clear this is where Milwaukee will be for the duration.