MET GAINS: The looming All-Star festivities have put a small spark into New York, but they're still far from good. Photo courtesy Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

MET GAINS: The looming All-Star festivities have put a small spark into New York, but they’re still far from good. Photo courtesy Ezra Shaw/Getty Images

It would give my ego a healthy boost to learn that hundreds of people across cyberspace were dumbfounded last Monday morning when they discovered there were no new Power Rankings on the regular every-other-week schedule. In reality, though, it was probably only one and I’ve already talked to my mother this week.

The fact of the matter is the placement of the All-Star break gave us a little bit of a dilemma. The break is the perfect time to unleash a brand spankin’ new round of Power Rankings, but Home Run Derby Monday came in between scheduled weeks. So, we opted to hold off the season’s seventh edition until now while baseball takes a mini-vacation.

So that’s a whole extra week to consider when seeing how the 30 clubs measure up. It may skew the change in position numbers a little bit, but so be it. Like I’ve already guessed, you probably don’t care one way or another.

With that back in mind, I’ll stop talking and just start ranking….


1. St. Louis Cardinals | 57-36 (27-16 Home, 30-20 Road) [Change From Last Ranking: ± 0]
One of only two teams playing better than .600 baseball right now, the Cardinals are just plain elite.

2. Boston Red Sox | 58-39 (31-16 Home, 27-23 Road) [± 0]
Had a case to be #1 before visiting Oakland out west. Still a very strong second seed in the bigs.

3. Pittsburgh Pirates | 56-37 (32-18 Home, 24-19 Road) [+ 1]
Okay, moment of truth! If there’s going to be another second half collapse, it should begin soon.

4. Atlanta Braves | 54-41 (31-15 Home, 23-26 Road) [+ 2]
Currently the safest division lead, we’ll see how much this break helps following a catastrophic weekend.

5. Cincinnati Reds | 53-42 (30-16 Home, 23-26 Road) [± 0]
Doing them a little bit of a favor keeping them this high. They’d look better in any other division.

6. Oakland Athletics | 56-39 (30-15 Home, 26-24 Road) [+ 3]
So incredibly good at home, a little fact Boston learned this weekend. Still, though, Texas is right there.

7. Texas Rangers | 54-41 (27-19 Home, 27-22 Road) [- 4]
Speaking of, they slide here because they let Oakland pass them by by more than a game.

8. Tampa Bay Rays | 55-41 (34-19 Home, 21-22 Road) [+ 4]
Hard-chargin’ and shooting up in a tight division race, they’ll have to STAY this hot to remain so high.

9. Detroit Tigers | 52-42 (29-19 Home, 23-23 Road) [- 2]
Verlander’s near no-no reminds us it’s not just all about Scherzer’s incredible season in Michigan.

10. Baltimore Orioles | 53-43 (29-20 Home, 24-23 Road) [± 0]
You want a case for AL MVP? This team might very well be dead last in the AL East without Chris Davis.

11. New York Yankees | 51-44 (28-23 Home, 23-21 Road) [- 3]
Jeter came and went faster than a 6 Train and now the rash of injuries are starting to show.

12.  Arizona Diamondbacks | 50-45 (27-20 Home, 23-25 Road) [- 1]
Still clinging to the lead in a beats-itself-up division, but look out: here come the Dodgers.

13. Cleveland Indians | 51-44 (30-19 Home, 21-25 Road) [+ 2]
They’re lingering just a step behind Detroit. The question is are they truly playoff contenders.

14. Washington Nationals | 48-47 (27-18 Home, 21-29 Road) [+ 3]
This team really doesn’t deserve to move up 3 spots. They lost 5 of 7 heading into the break.

15. Philadelphia Phillies | 48-48 (26-21 Home, 22-27 Road) [+ 4]
They’ve gotten hot just in time to join the conversation in the East. Can’t count them out just yet.

16. Toronto Blue Jays | 45-49 (25-21 Home, 20-28 Road) [- 2]
The only – only – reason I’m keeping them this high is that they’ve had the toughest schedule so far.

17. Los Angeles Dodgers | 47-47 (27-23 Home, 20-24 Road) [+ 7]
Remember three weeks ago when I said I was just about ready to stick a fork in these guys? Woops.

18. Colorado Rockies | 46-50 (26-21 Home, 20-29 Road) [- 2]
They’re starting to fall into that famous ether that is the cellar of the N.L. West. Can Tulo help?

19. San Francisco Giants | 43-51 (25-20 Home, 18-31 Road) [- 6]
I won’t say cold, but the title holders have gone about as cool as a San Francisco evening.

20. Kansas City Royals | 43-49 (22-22 Home, 21-27 Road) [- 2]
Looking like another year where the fountains of youth at Kauffman Stadium refuse to pan out.

21. Los Angeles Angels | 44-49 (24-25 Home, 20-24 Road) [+ 1]
Had the Angels never signed Hamilton or Pujols, they’d have much more money and just as many W’s.

22. Seattle Mariners | 43-52 (25-25 Home, 18-27 Road) [+ 1]
They — namely Kyle Seager — have been hot of late so they get a bone thrown and continue to move up.

23. Chicago Cubs | 42-51 (22-26 Home, 20-25 Road) [+ 3]
When you let Wood pitch in the All-Star Game on super short rest, you know your season is over.

24. New York Mets | 41-50 (17-27 Home, 24-23 Road) [+ 4]
They’ve been pretending to not be completely awful just in time for the All-Star festivities.

25. San Diego Padres | 42-54 (27-23 Home, 15-31 Road) [- 5]
Finally looking like the talent-starved club that they are, they’ve had the easiest schedule thus far.

26. Minnesota Twins | 39-53 (21-23 Home, 18-30 Road) [- 5]
Would probably be even lower had they not taken two straight from the Yankees.

27. Milwaukee Brewers | 38-56 (22-26 Home, 16-30 Road) [± 0]
How long ago does this team being in the postseason feel like right now?

28. Chicago White Sox | 37-55 (19-21 Home, 18-34 Road) [- 3]
They’ve officially passed the Cubs as the worse team in the windy city. Congrats, I suppose.

29. Miami Marlins | 35-58 (21-27 Home, 14-31 Road) [+ 1]
Watching Jose Fernandez’s emotion Saturday night gives you hope that this club isn’t completely dead.

30. Houston Astros | 33-61 (17-32 Home, 16-29 Road) [- 1]
Pitcher getting hit in the head with the throw back from the catcher says it all for this team.

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