Photo courtesy Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today Sports

Photo courtesy Tom Szczerbowski/USA Today Sports

Here’s a fun fact you probably don’t know about these Power Rankings. Do you know why we put them together on a Sunday (spoiler alert: we’re not awake at 3 AM Monday morning)? It’s because ESPN Sunday Night Baseball is the final game of the night. Just about every other game is over come nightfall leaving us only one game to monitor which is usually over around 11:00 P.M. ET.

Well, leave it to last night’s game in St. Louis to ruin all that. Mother nature, you, ma’am, are a pain in the ass.

Instead of ENDING at 11 Eastern, the Rangers and Cardinals BEGAN at 11. That’s an hour earlier than West Coast games start on a normal night. Sheesh!

Now that we have that brief venting session out of the way, hey, we’re another two weeks into the baseball season and, what a surprise, there are new movers and shakers on pro baseball’s landscape.

I’m talking chiefly about the Blue Jays. Finally! Toronto looks every bit like the offseason champs pundits couldn’t hand the 2013 A.L. East crown over to fast enough. The only problem? New York, Boston and Baltimore aren’t slowing down. And Tampa Bay? They’re ALSO 2 games over .500. Get ready for a 5-team pennant race, because that’s exactly what we have on our hands.

And that’s just ONE division! There are 25 other teams we need to put in perspective as well. And that all starts with our top-seeded team that, rain or no rain, still REIGNS supreme.


1. St. Louis Cardinals | 47-29 (22-16 Home, 19-22 Road) [Change From Last Ranking: ± 0]
How’s this for insane: baseball’s best team statistically should have even MORE W’s. Seriously?

2. Boston Red Sox | 45-33 (23-15 Home, 22-18 Road) [+ 2]
Anyone good enough to lead this division by 2 games right now is, well, pretty damn good.

3. Texas Rangers | 44-32 (22-15 Home, 22-17 Road) [± 0]
Texas and Oakland are pulling away from the pack again. Right now Oakland has more wins. Déjà vu?

4. Pittsburgh Pirates | 46-30 (25-13 Home, 21-17 Road) [+ 3]
I’m guessing by this ranking you can tell I’m starting to believe. I know, “buyers beware”. I’m buying.

5. Cincinnati Reds | 45-32 (26-14 Home, 19-18 Road) [± 0]
How does a team third in their own division get ranked fifth overall? By playing like these Reds, duh.

6. Atlanta Braves | 44-33 (25-11 Home, 19-22 Road) [- 4]
They’re practically begging the Nationals to catch them. Luckily, Washington is clearly disinterested.

7. Detroit Tigers | 42-32 (26-13 Home, 16-19 Road) [+ 1]
Finally someone not named Verlander is straight dealing from the mound for the Tigers.

8. New York Yankees | 41-34 (22-16 Home, 19-18 Road) [- 2]
They’re not slumping, per say, just getting passed by hotter (and healthier) ball clubs.

9. Oakland Athletics | 44-34 (22-12 Home, 22-22 Road) [± 0]
Could’ve been in the Top 5 had they not collapsed a little over the last week or so.

10. Baltimore Orioles | 42-34 (20-15 Home, 22-19 Road) [+ 1]
A modest move up for a team that’s only won six games since the last Power Rankings.

11.  Arizona Diamondbacks | 41-34 (21-16 Home, 20-18 Road) [- 1]
Leading the N.L. West these days is like walking a tightrope. You can call Arizona Nik Wallenda.

12. Tampa Bay Rays | 39-37 (21-16 Home, 18-21 Road) [+ 1]
The rise of Toronto has thrown Tampa into a pressure cooker. That didn’t work out well last year.

13. San Francisco Giants | 38-37 (24-15 Home, 14-22 Road) [- 1]
The defending champs are slowly watching Arizona pull away. It’s time to catch up.

14. Toronto Blue Jays | 38-36 (22-17 Home, 16-19 Road) [+ 6]
We all know how hot they are, but watch this next series. On the road to Tampa will be a test.

15. Cleveland Indians | 38-36 (24-15 Home, 14-21 Road) [+ 1]
You can’t really consider them a playoff team until they start winning outside of Ohio.

16. Colorado Rockies | 39-38 (23-17 Home, 16-21 Road) [- 2]
Given their track record three months in, splitting a 4-game series with Washington is a small miracle.

17. Washington Nationals | 37-38 (20-15 Home, 17-23 Road) [- 2]
Jayson Werth has made the phrase “Eat Face” a thing. The problem is I’m not sure this club is hungry.

18. Kansas City Royals | 35-38 (18-18 Home, 17-20 Road) [- 1]
This team has been a little unlucky and their numbers are balanced. That’s what I like in a sleeper.

19. Philadelphia Phillies | 36-40 (19-18 Home, 17-22 Road) [± 0]
Every day this team takes the field is another day I’m convinced it’s time to just rebuild.

20. San Diego Padres | 38-38 (24-16 Home, 14-22 Road) [+ 2]
If we’re being honest, all San Diego is doing outplaying themselves is ruining a draft position they need.

21. Minnesota Twins | 34-38 (19-17 Home, 15-21 Road) [± 0]
If you told me this team would be this good WITHOUT Worley, I would’ve told you you’re crazy.

22. Los Angeles Angels | 33-43 (20-23 Home, 13-20 Road) [ – 4]
Just as one underperforming roster heats up (Toronto), another gets swept at home. Tisk tisk.

23. Seattle Mariners | 34-43 (20-18 Home, 14-25 Road) [+ 2]
Don’t get it twisted: this little move up is really nothing to be proud of.

24. Los Angeles Dodgers | 32-42 (19-20 Home, 13-22 Road) [- 1]
I think I’m just about ready to stick a fork in this squad. They’re behind SAN DIEGO, people!

25. Chicago White Sox | 31-42 (16-14 Home, 15-28 Road) [- 1]
How this team has played on the road is almost laughable. They could be the worse Chi-town team.

26. Chicago Cubs| 31-43 (17-22 Home, 14-21 Road) [+ 1]
Why the Cubs over Milwaukee? Easy: the numbers aside from their record say they’re the better club.

27. Milwaukee Brewers | 31-43 (18-21 Home, 13-22 Road) [- 1]
A decent two weeks for this club, but they’re not gaining ground on anyone.

28. New York Mets | 30-42 (14-23 Home, 16-19 Road) [± 0]
The fact that this team is in the same breath as Houston is a bigger indictment than anything else.

29. Houston Astros | 29-48 (15-25 Home, 14-23 Road) [± 0]
A nice little uptick of late. So what? It still doesn’t change anything.

30. Miami Marlins | 25-50 (13-23 Home, 12-27 Road) [± 0]
7-6 since the last rankings, but the words “piss” and “poor” still come to mind.

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