UNKEMPT: Championship teams find ways to win with big names on the DL, and the Dodgers are doing just that while MVP candidate Matt Kemp heals up. Photo courtesy Ralph Freso/Getty Images

A second month of baseball is just about in the books and, for the first time this season, we have a new top team. The Dodgers have been in the headlines since the season began and now they surpass the Texas Rangers as the most powerful team in baseball…at least on this list.

What’s really impressive about the Dodgers is that they are still thriving even with their MVP candidate, Matt Kemp, on the disabled list. Nothing proves legitimacy like continuing to rack up the W’s in the face of injury and, as if there was still any doubt, it appears the Dodgers are for real.

Speaking of overcoming injuries, how about the Washington Nationals. They have enough MLB players on the disabled list to field a team and they maintain the third-best record in baseball. We’ve known that this team can pitch as the dynamic duo of Stephen Strasburg and Gio Gonzalez leads the league in K’s, but now the bats are coming alive. What gives? It’s simple, really. An absolutely stacked farm system is starting to pay dividends.

One team happy they won’t see the Nationals again this season are the Cincinnati Reds. They went 2-5 against Washington and their season has taken off since Joey Votto hit a walk-off grand slam against them in their final meeting. Now they lead the N.L. Central and have put some distance between them and St. Louis.


1. Los Angeles Dodgers | 32-15 (21-5 Home, 11-10 Road) [Change From Last Ranking: + 1]
The new top dogs for now. They’re winning plenty even without Kemp which is just plain scary.

2. Texas Rangers | 30-18 (14-9 Home, 16-9 Road) [- 1]
Stumbled a bit versus Kansas City and Seattle. Looked great as they swept Toronto this weekend.

3. Washington Nationals | 29-18 (15-8 Home, 14-10 Road) [+ 2]
Starters have the best rotation ERA and now the bats are heating up. Consider yourself warned.

4. Baltimore Orioles | 29-19 (14-13 Home, 15-6 Road) [± 0]
Buck’s birds have cooled off a bit. But a cooling “white hot” is still very hot. Especially on the road.

5. Tampa Bay Rays | 29-19 (17-7 Home, 12-12 Road) [+ 2]
Only lost one series since last ranking. Playing pretty much on par with their level of talent.

6. Cincinnati Reds | 27-20 (15-9 Home, 12-11 Road) [+ 7]
Chapman’s cheese has turned their fortunes around. Staying healthy hasn’t hurt, either.

7. New York Yankees | 26-21 (14-11 Home, 12-10 Road) [+ 1]
Their struggles against divisional opponents is holding them back. That will be huge come fall.

8. New York Mets | 27-21 (15-9 Home, 12-12 Road) [+ 3]
I was wrong about a forecasted downturn. Johan Santana is finally earning his hefty paychecks.

9. St. Louis Cardinals | 26-22 (13-11 Home, 13-11 Road) [- 3]
Berkman is injured again and the pitchers are struggling. Their hot start now seems forever ago.

10. Atlanta Braves | 26-23 (10-10 Home, 16-13 Road) [- 7]
They we’re ranked #3 here two weeks ago. Losing seven in a row will change that quickly.

11. Cleveland Indians | 26-21 (14-12 Home, 12-9 Road) [+ 3]
The tribe continue to win and Charlie Sheen is nowhere in sight. This band of misfits is fun to watch.

12. San Francisco Giants | 25-23 (12-10 Home, 13-13 Road) [+ 3]
Lincecum has a K/9 near 10 and an ERA over 6. If that ship gets righted, this team will be chasing L.A.

13. Miami Marlins | 26-22 (13-10 Home, 13-12 Road) [- 1]
Their continued success is only further clouding the division. They should be in a playoff race all season.

14. Detroit Tigers | 23-24 (11-12 Home, 12-12 Road) [- 5]
Their talented, no doubt, but they continue to dabble in mediocrity. Justin Verlander needs help badly.

15. Chicago White Sox | 26-22 (12-13 Home, 14-9 Road) [+ 6]
They’ve been hot these past two weeks, for sure. Dayan Viciedo is looking like a future superstar.

16. Philadelphia Phillies | 25-24 (11-13 Home, 14-11 Road) [+ 1]
They’re finally on the right side of .500, but the season may rest in Roy Halladay’s injured shoulder.

17. Toronto Blue Jays | 24-24 (12-10 Home, 12-14 Road) [- 7]
Someone took offense to me complimenting this team. They looked abysmal against Texas.

18. Los Angeles Angels | 24-25 (11-10 Home, 13-15 Road) [+ 5]
They’re finally looking like the team they should be. Mike Trout is not getting nearly enough praise.

19. Arizona Diamondbacks | 22-26 (10-15 Home, 12-11 Road) [± 0]
They’ve stopped the early May woes. Now they need to accelerate back in the opposite direction.

20. Boston Red Sox | 23-24 (10-13 Home, 13-11 Road) [± 0]
Continue to be underwhelming in perhaps the best division in baseball. I may soon be a starting OF.

21. Pittsburgh Pirates | 23-24 (14-10 Home, 9-14 Road) [- 3]
#18 last ranking might’ve been too generous. This team is okay, but there are much better ones.

22. Oakland Athletics | 22-26 (10-15 Home, 12-11 Road) [- 6]
Don’t worry about the home record. The coliseum won’t be home for too much longer.

23. Seattle Mariners | 21-29 (9-13 Home, 12-16 Road) [+ 1]
Things were looking up before getting swept by the Angels at home. Safeco isn’t too safe after all.

24. Houston Astros | 22-25 (16-10 Home, 6-15 Road) [+ 1]
Talk about a tale of two teams: pretty good in Houston, pretty awful everywhere else.

25. Milwaukee Brewers | 19-28 (11-13 Home, 8-15 Road) [- 3]
Things aren’t getting better, they’re getting worse. It may be time to stick a fork in this season.

26. Kansas City Royals | 19-27 (5-17 Home, 14-10 Road) [+ 1]
They might be near the top of the division if they weren’t forced to return home every now and then.

27. Colorado Rockies | 17-29 (9-14 Home, 8-15 Road) [- 1]
When you can’t get double digit victories either home OR away by May 28th, you’re a pretty bad team.

28. Minnesota Twins | 15-32 (6-17 Home, 9-15 Road) [+ 2]
Joe Mauer and Justin Mourneau have started to heat up but it hasn’t made much of a difference.

29. San Diego Padres | 17-32 (12-16 Home, 5-16 Road) [± 0]
There’s not a whole lot to get excited about in San Diego, especially when the Padres aren’t there.

30. Chicago Cubs | 15-32 (9-15 Home, 6-17 Road) [- 2]
Oh, the lovable losers. Losing 12 in a row? Yup, they’re at it again.

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