CHIEF OF CLEVELAND: Chris Perez and the Indians are on a tear, but they'll have to keep it up if they want to even sniff October. Photo courtesy Mark Duncan/AP.

CHIEF OF CLEVELAND: Chris Perez and the Indians are on a tear, but they’ll have to keep it up if they want to even sniff October. Photo courtesy Mark Duncan/AP.

It’s Monday the Thirteenth, and while such an ominous day is usually reserved for the END of the workweek, there are certainly some teams that find them smack dab in the middle of a nightmare horror right now.

Like the Dodgers. What on earth is going on with the Dodgers? Are they missing Greinke that badly? L.A. better hope so, because if the option is they’re just not made to win, it could become an ugly season real fast for as much payroll as the new ownership is doling out.

But they aren’t the worst team in the league. No, that honor remains firmly in the possession of the Miami Marlins (on this list, anyway). I thought all the talk about them being a AAA club in the big leagues was hyperbole for effect. Recently, that’s just been a fact, though.

But enough on the bottom feeders, here are the latest power rankings starting with the BEST teams in BASEBALL:


1. Texas Rangers | 24-13 (11-4 Home, 13-9 Road) [Change From Last Ranking: + 1]
Yu’s clicking, the offense is clicking, and how about this notion: what if Colby Lewis returns in fine form?

2. New York Yankees | 23-13 (12-7 Home, 11-6 Road) [+ 2]
How this team is winning with all their injuries is beyond me. If healthy, why can’t they win it all?

3. Atlanta Braves | 21-16 (9-5 Home, 12-11 Road) [- 2]
They’re still in the thick of things, but if they continue to slide that won’t last very long.

4. St. Louis Cardinals | 23-13 (9-6 Home, 14-7 Road) [+ 2]
One of the hottest teams right now. The kicker is they’re doing it primarily outside of Missouri.

5. San Francisco Giants | 23-15 (15-7 Home, 8-8 Road) [+ 4]
Road bump shmoad bump. Frankly, I’m sorry I ever doubted the defending champions.

6. Boston Red Sox | 22-16 (14-10 Home, 9-6 Road) [- 3]
The early season’s darlings have hit a cold streak. Now they need to prove it’s not something more.

7. Baltimore Orioles | 23-15 (9-6 Home, 14-9 Road) [+ 3]
They’re hot, they’re cold. They’re hot, they’re cold. I expect it to be a rollercoaster season until October.

8. Detroit Tigers | 20-15 (11-6 Home, 9-9 Road) [- 3]
They’re continuing to slide following a hot first couple weeks. Can you say 2012 déjà vu?

9. Arizona Diamondbacks | 21-17 (10-10 Home, 11-7 Road) [- 1]
As good as the NL West is, playing .553 ball may not buy them a playoff berth. Scary, huh?

10. Pittsburgh Pirates | 21-16 (10-7 Home, 11-9 Road) [+ 3]
Research Jason Grilli. His career mirrors the plight of these Pirates in many ways.

11. Washington Nationals | 20-17 (12-9 Home, 8-8 Road) [+ 3]
You thought they were finally catching fire right until they lost the Cubs series with their bullpen.

12. Cincinnati Reds | 22-16 (16-6 Home, 6-10 Road) [+ 3]
If they ever figure out how to win on the road, they may become the best team in the NL.

13. Kansas City Royals | 18-16 (10-8 Home, 8-8 Road) [- 7]
Time to temper enthusiasm for this club. Their net change over four weeks is – 2. That’s appropriate.

14. Colorado Rockies | 20-17 (11-7 Home, 9-10 Road) [- 3]
A hot start is looking like all it ever was. Now they’re losing badly on  the road. That’s more like it.

15. Oakland Athletics | 19-20 (9-8 Home, 10-12 Road) [- 3]
This is a confidence ranking. I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt that they’re better than this.

16. Tampa Bay Rays | 19-18 (13-6 Home, 6-12 Road) [+ 1]
They’re your quintessential homers. Until they win outside of Florida, they’ll stay out of October.

17. Cleveland Indians | 20-15 (10-7 Home, 10-8 Road) [+ 7]
This week’s big movers. Even up seven spots, they might deserve to be higher, so we’ll see.

18. Minnesota Twins | 17-17 (8-8 Home, 9-9 Road) [+ 2]
All .500 numbers, but are they overplaying? Probably, but for now they’re decent until proven bad.

19. Philadelphia Phillies | 18-21 (8-10 Home, 10-11 Road) [- 1]
Painfully mediocre. They should stop worrying about how Washington wins because at least they are.

20. Seattle Mariners | 18-20 (11-9 Home, 7-11 Road) [+ 3]
The best they can hope for is what they’re doing now: playing spoiler to better teams.

21. Los Angeles Dodgers | 15-21 (9-12 Home, 6-9 Road) [- 5]
They’ve fallen twelve spots in the last four weeks. Sounds about right to me.

22. Milwaukee Brewers | 15-20 (10-11 Home, 5-9 Road) [- 3]
Wow, are they cold. The good news is no one — not even Miami — is this bad. They’ll rebound.

23. Chicago White Sox | 15-20 (8-9 Home, 7-11 Road) [- 1]
They almost got swept by the Angels? Yikes. This is why they’re in the bottom third (like LA).

24. Toronto Blue Jays | 15-24 (7-12 Home, 8-12 Road) [+ 2]
A modest two-spot improvement as reward for not being completely awful. Still bad, though.

25. Los Angeles Angels | 14-23 (7-9 Home, 7-14 Road) [± 0]
Any way you look at them, ANY way, they’re just not a winning ball club. Sad to say.

26. San Diego Padres | 16-21 (10-8 Home, 6-13 Road) [+ 2]
A nice couple weeks, but they’re still losing and talent depleted. So what if they win at home?

27. New York Mets | 14-20 (9-12 Home, 5-8 Road) [- 6]
You hear that whistling? It’s Mets freefalling towards offseason expectations.

28. Chicago Cubs | 15-22 (7-11 Home, 8-11 Road) [- 1]
They’re Washington series showed they a little fight in them. A very, very little amount.

29. Houston Astros | 10-28 (6-16 Home, 4-12 Road) [± 0]
So bad that even a team of cheating referees couldn’t hand them a ‘W’.

30. Miami Marlins | 11-27 (5-11 Home, 6-16 Road) [± 0]
The league’s perpetual punching bag still plays in South Beach.

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