Photo courtesy AP

Photo courtesy AP

Two weeks have gone by in another MLB season, and you all know what time it is: it’s time to bring back the GuysNation MLB Power Rankings!

Though, on this one specific “holiday”, I’m not entire convinced the AstroTurf at your local ballpark is the kind of grass you’re most excited about. Remember, just say no!

Unless it’s legal where you live. I don’t really care.

Because, I for one, am excited about the AstroTurf! And the hot dogs and the beer and the masses pouring into the gates at ballparks all across the nation. Nothing says “warm weather is here” like the sound of a baseball being bludgeoned by 42” piece of ash.

Taking the top spot to start the poll this year are the Tigers. A perennial powerhouse, Detroit has come out of the gates strong. Are additions like Yoenis Cespedes and Shane Greene the finishing touches to a championship roster? Well, it’s still only April. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

As for the defending champions, well, they’ve got some work to do if they’re going to make it back to October. Two weeks in, they’re 4-9 and looking they’re going to step aside and yield the throne without much of a fight not unlike the Red Sox did last year.

Speaking of those Red Sox. They’ve retooled and think their ready for October. But as today’s game showed where Baltimore beat them to knot both teams’ records at a division-leading 7-5, the race in the AL East is always going to be tight.

Okay, enough jib-jab. Like I said: baseball is back, people! Let’s get on with the first Power Rankings of the year.


1. Detroit Tigers | 10-2 (5-1 Home, 5-1 Road)
Detroit’s lack of postseason success hasn’t had them panicking (ahem, Atlanta) and for good reason

2. Los Angeles Dodgers | 9-3 (8-1 Home, 1-2 Road)
Good start for the Dodgers, but they’ve played all but one series at Chavez Ravine so far.

3. Kansas City Royals | 9-3 (5-1 Home, 4-2 Road)
If they weren’t in the Tigers’ shadow, a World Series team having this hot a start would be bigger.

4. St. Louis Cardinals | 8-3 (5-1 Home, 3-2 Road)
a five-game win streak has turned a mediocre start to the season into a great one.

5. Atlanta Braves | 8-4 (3-3 Home, 5-1 Road)
Fire sale be damned. The Braves are playing like they still want to steal the division.

6. New York Mets | 10-3 (7-0 Home, 3-3 Road)
This is about as high as I can put the Mets without chuckling. I anticipate a slump real soon.

7. Baltimore Orioles | 7-5 (3-3 Home, 4-2 Road)
If the birds can maintain this .583 win percentage, they’ll likely take the division. Again.

8. Boston Red Sox | 7-5 (3-3 Home, 4-2 Road)
A return to the postseason this year might make the “one-season rebuild” a thing.

9. San Diego Padres | 8-5 (5-2 Home, 3-3 Road)
The primary beneficiaries of the Braves’ fire sale are enjoying their new toys early on.

10. New York Yankees | 6-6 (2-4 Home, 4-2 Road)
Didi Gregorius has some awfully big shoes to fill there.

11. Colorado Rockies | 7-5 (1-2 Home, 6-3 Road)
If you told me the Rockies would start off 6-3 away from Denver, I’d ask you what you’re smoking.

12. Pittsburgh Pirates | 6-6 (4-2 Home, 2-4 Road)
They have the roster to be better than .500. They should build off this current win streak.

13. Chicago Cubs | 6-5 (4-4 Home, 2-1 Road)
The young core of Castro, Rizzo, Soler and now Bryant is something to take seriously for sure.

14. Arizona Diamondbacks | 7-6 (3-3 Home, 4-3 Road)
A winning record and fourth in the NL West. One of those things isn’t going to last real long.

15. Washington Nationals | 6-7 (4-3 Home, 2-4 Road)
Taking three of four from the Phils may be the spark to turn around their sluggish start.

16. Oakland Athletics | 6-7 (3-4 Home, 3-3 Road)
It’s too early to say how this division will shake out, but there’s a lot to like on Oakland’s roster.

17. Houston Astros | 6-6 (4-5 Home, 2-1 Road)
Surprise! The Astros are leading the AL West! That’ll change or that’ll become a huge, huge story.

18. Toronto Blue Jays | 6-7 (2-5 Home, 4-2 Road)
The Jays are quickly becoming a roster of aging former All-Stars a la the Yankees the past few years.

19. Tampa Bay Rays | 6-7 (1-5 Home, 5-2 Road)
This current 3-game skid has stalled any thoughts that the Rays might not be missing Maddon.

20. Seattle Mariners | 5-7 (3-3 Home, 2-4 Road)
So far the improved-upon roster has yet to live up to expectations. But it’s still very early.

21. Cincinnati Reds | 5-7 (4-2 Home, 1-5 Road)
Last year they were the odd man out amongst good teams in the Central. History repeating?

22. Los Angeles Angels | 5-7 (0-3 Home, 5-4 Road)
I really feel for Josh Hamilton. And pegging the teams’ woes on his relapse just isn’t fair.

23. Texas Rangers | 5-8 (2-4 Home, 3-4 Road)
Yes, they’re in the AL West cellar again, but things aren’t so dire. At least, not yet, anyways.

24. Cleveland Indians | 4-7 (1-4 Home, 3-3 Road)
Is it too late to say I never really bought the Cleveland World Series hype? I don’t think so.

25. Minnesota Twins | 5-7 (4-2 Home, 1-5 Road)
Third in the division for now, but the Twins are like Linux: they’re just not relevant to the big picture.

26. Chicago White Sox | 4-7 (2-1 Home, 2-6 Road)
They added some nice pieces in the offseason, but so far it has yet to pay off for them.

27. San Francisco Giants | 4-10 (1-6 Home, 3-4 Road)
It’s only been two weeks, and the Giants already have a very deep hole to dig themselves out of.

28. Philadelphia Phillies | 4-9 (3-3 Home, 1-6 Road)
This team – nay, this franchise – is just absolutely being run into the ground.

29. Miami Marlins | 3-10 (1-5 Home, 2-5 Road)
The “dark horse” pick out of the NL East looks more like their usual “dead horse” selves.

30. Milwaukee Brewers | 2-10 (1-5 Home, 1-5 Road)
At least they’re equally-terrible both inside and outside of Wisconsin?