POWER STRUGGLE: Despite their close-quarters combat Thursday night, L.A. and San Diego are worlds apart when it comes to Power Rankings. Photo courtesy AP

POWER STRUGGLE: Despite their close-quarters combat Thursday night, L.A. and San Diego are worlds apart when it comes to Power Rankings. Photo courtesy AP

We’re two weeks into the regular season, and you know what that means? The return of the great MLB Power Rankings!

Just like last season, these reports will come out once every two weeks and we’re ranking TEAMS, here, people. Otherwise, Zack Greinke’s collarbone would clearly be at the bottom of the list.

Now, though, that spot is reserved for the lowly Marlins. And at the top? Their divisional foes, the mighty Braves. And in between? The other 28 teams that make up “the bigs”. Let’s take a look.


1. Atlanta Braves | 11-1 (5-1 Home, 6-0 Road)
They’ve won 11 of 12 and they’re not even close to firing on all cylinders. Very, very scary.

2. San Francisco Giants | 9-4 (4-2 Home, 5-2 Road)
The defending champs keep largely the same team and are winning again. If it ain’t broke, well, yeah.

3. Detroit Tigers | 7-5 (4-2 Home, 3-3 Road)
Consistently good. They’re the .600 ball club that they’ve been in their last 10 games.

4. St. Louis Cardinals | 7-5 (4-2 Home, 3-3 Road)
There’s such a thing as a “culture of winning” and this franchise is the epitome of it.

5. Oakland Athletics | 9-4 (3-4 Home, 6-0 Road)
Another hot start, and I’ve learned better than to doubt a Billy Beane team. Moneyball wins in 2013.

6. Texas Rangers | 8-5 (4-2 Home, 4-3 Road)
The offseason departures haven’t seemed to affect them greatly. That’s bad news for Oakland and L.A.

7. Arizona Diamondbacks | 8-4 (5-4 Home, 3-0 Road)
Make no mistake, this team is talented enough to be where they are in their division right now.

8. Boston Red Sox | 7-4 (3-2 Home, 4-2 Road)
Oh, hello, Boston. How are you? We missed you last year. Hope you can stick around for a while.

9. Los Angeles Dodgers | 7-5 (4-2 Home, 3-3 Road)
Is this too high? If they can win 6 out of every 10 (games, not brawls) without Greinke, I’m going “no”.

10. Washington Nationals | 7-5 (6-3 Home, 1-2 Road)
They’re 1-5 against teams that don’t suck. Sad to think their record might be inflated even at 7-5.

11. New York Yankees | 6-5 (3-3 Home, 3-2 Road)
This will be the theme all season long: The Yankees versus the Yankees’ players’ health. Who wins?

12. Kansas City Royals | 7-5 (4-2 Home, 3-3 Road)
Adding some veteran presence to one of the youngest, most promising teams? I like it.

13. Baltimore Orioles | 6-6 (1-2 Home, 5-4 Road)
It’s going to be another tough pennant race, so how much “Orioles magic” do they have in them?

14. Philadelphia Phillies | 6-6 (3-3 Home, 3-3 Road)
Make no mistake: the fact that they’re playing .500 ball isn’t a coincidence. They’ll be here all year.

15. Colorado Rockies | 8-4 (3-0 Home, 5-4 Road)
Sorry, Colorado, there’s no way I’m giving you the benefit of the doubt with you hot start.

16. New York Mets | 7-4 (4-2 Home, 3-2 Road)
I know better than to put any kind of stock into a good Mets week. Or Mets half-season.

17. Cincinnati Reds | 5-7 (4-2 Home, 1-5 Road)
Outside of the Washington series, they have been thoroughly unimpressive.

18. Toronto Blue Jays | 5-7 (2-4 Home, 3-3 Road)
I have two words for you: 2012 Angels. Except they don’t have a Mike Trout waiting to save them.

19. Pittsburgh Pirates | 6-6 (4-2 Home, 2-4 Road)
It doesn’t matter how they play in April, the impending second-half collapse is the big question.

20. Tampa Bay Rays | 4-7 (3-3 Home, 1-4 Road)
Just as I suspected: they look very much outgunned in a beefy A.L. East.

21. Chicago White Sox | 5-7 (4-2 Home, 1-5 Road)
This will be another year Chi-town does not play host to any kind of October baseball.

22. Cleveland Indians | 5-6 (2-3 Home, 3-3 Road)
The new pieces are still trying to gel, but it could be worse. They could be the Angels.

23. Chicago Cubs | 4-8 (2-4 Home, 2-4 Road)
Occasionally, this team will not look like the lovable losers we know. Like when Smardzija is pitching.

24. Los Angeles Angels | 4-8 (2-4 Home, 2-4 Road)
Say it with me now: dream teams don’t work. Dream teams don’t work. The Angels won’t work.

25. Seattle Mariners | 6-8 (3-4 Home, 3-4 Road)
The only thing memorable about this team is how they’re the only one to play 14 games so far.

26. Milwaukee Brewers | 3-8 (1-5 Home, 2-3 Road)
Let’s relocate the team so they don’t recognize Miller Park as home. Maybe then they can win there.

27. Minnesota Twins | 4-7 (2-3 Home, 2-4 Road)
The impending snow showers is just another reason why this team won’t be able to win ball games.

28. Houston Astros | 4-8 (1-5 Home, 3-3 Road)
I told you the opening night spirit wouldn’t last. It didn’t even make it two weeks. Sad. Just sad.

29. San Diego Padres | 2-10 (1-5 Home, 1-5 Road)
Their best player, Quentin, will be suspended. And then, I assume moved into witness protection.

30. Miami Marlins | 2-10 (1-5 Home, 1-5 Road)
They’re so bad it’s funny.

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