Welcome to “What You Missed On WWE NXT.” I’ll tell you what you missed on the last episode of WWE NXT, then I’ll tell you what I thought about it, and you’ll like it. Simple enough, right?




This is still the NXT Redemption season. This February 1, 2012 edition of the show is episode 102. Let’s get to it.


What You Missed: Titus O’Neil / Darren Young / Percy Watson / Alex Riley / Matt Striker Promo

What I Thought: Titus O’Neil comes out to no reaction. Eventually Darren Young interrupts. The two spend a lot of time insulting the crowd to draw heat. It’s lame, but the best these two nobodies are going to be able to do in front of a live crowd. I wonder how Darren is still employed. He had made some strides on Superstars after he was booted from Nexus, but he looks like he’s gone downhill since, especially with his recent wellness violation. Anyway, Titus and Young put the past aside and strike up a partnership. Eventually Percy Watson comes out, then Alex Riley comes out to back Percy, then the four of them brawl. Striker comes out and books a tag match. Typical.


What You Missed: Tyson Kidd defeats Trent Barreta

What I Thought: Trent’s music is a sound-alike of The White Stripes’ “Fell In Love With A Girl.” I never noticed that until now. I love how hard Regal puts over Trent every week. Hopefully someone is listening in the back. This is a pretty fun match, but its not very long. It might be worth checking out just for the talent involved.


What You Missed: Heath Slater / Derrick Bateman Promo

What I Thought: I skipped Heath Slater’s entire beginning of his promo because he’s terrible at life, so I honestly can’t tell you what he was saying or doing. I hit play again when Derrick Bateman interrupts him and calls him Skinner. Win. Bateman says he didn’t know Slater even had a finishing move. Zing. Batenan runs a video highlighting Slater’s losses from his losing streak that was only snapped last week. The two throw some punches before Slater heads for the hills. Regal shits on this entire segment with one line of commentary. Rightfully so. This was a rather forced way to kick off a Bateman/Slater feud on NXT.


What You Missed: Alicia Fox defeats Maxine

What I Thought: Damn it. Alicia Fox might be the most botchy Diva in history, and that’s saying a lot. I wouldn’t have even watched this one minute match except for the fact that Maxine looks insanely hot. Alicia Fox seriously almost botches the “distracted roll up” spot as she pins Maxine thanks to a distraction by Johnny Curtis. Someone please fire Alicia Fox. Please.


What You Missed: BateMax walk backstage, looking for Johnny Curtis but finding Kaitlyn instead

What I Thought: BateMax split up to find Johnny Curtis backstage. Maxine stumbles upon Kaitlyn who was talking to Justin Gabriel. Nothing was made of this on camera, but Justin Gabriel was showing Kaitlyn something on his body on his waist because he had his pants slightly pulled down and his shirt pulled up. When Maxine barges by, Justin runs away. Really weird stuff. Maxine accuses Kaitlyn of having a crush on Curtis. Kaitlyn says they’re just friends. As they go their separate ways, Curtis comes out of a room they were in front of, smiling, having heard their whole conversation.


What You Missed: Percy Watson and Alex Riley vs. Titus O’Neil and Darren Young

What I Thought: Titus’ theme sounds like it wants to be Ludacris’ “Move Bitch” but without the catchy beat. Standard WWE formula tag team match. Very athletic display by Percy Watson early on, but he just plays a face in peril the whole time until Alex Riley gets the hot tag. Riley gets in a few big moves on Young, but Titus gets a blind tag in and nails Riley with the Sky High, which he manages not to botch this week. However, Titus never goes for the seated pin so he looks award as heck trying to wiggle out then make some sort of lateral press or leg hook. Watch some D’Lo tapes, Titus. A boring match for a boring feud thanks to a boring heel turn.


If You Missed The Show: You didn’t miss much. If you have five minutes to kill, give Trent vs. Tyson a whirl. Otherwise, come back next week to see if the show was any better. If you’re so inclined, you can watch this week’s episode here:

 WWE NXT – Episode 102 – February 1, 2012


Fun Fact Since I Don’t Have Another Article To Shill This Week: You know that John Cena WrestleMania promo video? It’s nearly 5 minutes long. I’m sure The Rock’s is just as long. Every time one of them plays, that’s just about one less match that makes it onto TV. If both of them play, that’s a whole television length match you could be watching. I wonder how many more PPV buys these videos will contribute to WrestleMania…


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