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We’re still on the NXT Redemption season. Last week was NXT’s 100th episode. The January 25, 2012 edition of the show is episode 101 (funny how that works, right?). The show’s tag line is “Still searching for the next break out star…” which is fine and dandy, but they’ve totally abandoned any kind of points or competition format, and most of the NXT roster is people who were never on this season of NXT to begin with. I think it’s time to re-brand NXT from a “competition” show to something else, but that’s an article for another time.


What You Missed: Titus O’Neil, now a heel, tells Percy Watson to turn heel with him or else. Percy declines. Matt Striker, as host of NXT, makes a match between O’Neil and Watson as the main event.

What I Think: Titus O’Neil turned heel last week on episode 100. It looks like some little kids actually knew who he was and did he arm pose and barking with him. The guy is/was a motivational speaker outside of WWE, and while he’s no John Cena, I don’t know if I’m buying the heel turn or if that was such a good idea. But I’m sure the WWE brass (or whoever oversees NXT, since I doubt Vince, Stephanie, or Triple H care about it) figures no one watches NXT, so why not try a heel run with him to see what he’s got. I think there is far more potential in a Titus O’Neil & Percy Watson tag team, especially given the collapse of Air Bourne, but WWE obviously doesn’t care about their tag division either.


What You Missed: Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins confront Matt Striker. They want to know why they’re not in the main event. Striker says he doesn’t have time for this.

What I Think: It’s kind of sad Striker went from Smackdown color commentator to mere host of NXT. But he did become a parody of himself in record time in the commentary booth, so its not surprising.


What You Missed: Tyler Reks & Curt Hawkins defeat Jimmy & Jey Uso

What I Think: The Usos are pretty over with their entrance Samoan war chant, for a tag team that gets no push. The crowd was super into them this match, popping for all of their moves. Hawkins and Reks, on the other hand, are just odd. Hawkins and Vance Archer were actually getting good momentum on Superstars as members of Smackdown, but Archer turned on Hawkins (then got fired weeks later). Hawkins and Reks were moved to Raw where they’ve done nothing, other than form this tag team to wrestle on NXT and make crappy cartoon web videos. Reks should go back to his face-surfer gimmick because it was more interesting than whatever persona he’s running with now. Hawkins needs to go back to feuding with Trent Barreta one on one like he was doing on Superstars several months ago, and drop this attitude/gimmick he’s running with now.


What You Missed: Derrick Bateman talks with Kaitlyn. Bateman is overjoyed that he’s back with Maxine as BateMax (a play on BetaMax) after he foiled Johnny Curtis’ Vegas wedding with Maxine last week. Kaitlyn says she hopes he knows what he’s doing, and to watch out for Curtis, who she saw cleaning his bearskin rug from the back of his van earlier.

What I Think: This segment is actually pretty hilarious and you should watch it since my description doesn’t convey that well enough. Kaitlyn, Bateman, Curtis, and Maxine all have good chemistry with each other and are one of the only real highlights of NXT.


What You Missed: Heath Slater defeats Trent Barreta

What I Think: I hate to say this, because I dislike Slater in such an “X-Pac heat” kind of way, but this was a pretty good match. Trent Barreta is super talented and just needs some more time, experience, and luck on his side to get noticed and move up the card. Heath used a really shitty finisher here that not even Regal fully knew what it was. He should probably work on changing that.


What You Missed: Striker interviews Johnny Curtis and BateMax interrupt. Curtis gets kneed in the balls by Maxine.

What I Think: There’s some really good interplay here between Curtis and Maxine about being dirty. You may recall Curtis’ Smackdown vignettes full of cliches and strange actions to highlight those cliches. Well, I guess his gimmick on NXT is that he “likes to get weird.” It works though. There are not-so-subtle jokes in this segment about trying to get off of NXT between BateMax. Striker says no one is leaving NXT because they need all the warm bodies they can get. “Its purgatory, is what it is,” says Regal, commenting on the fact that everyone is stuck on NXT. Curtis wants to be one big happy family with BateMax. Maxine, looking ridiculously hot, knees Curtis in the balls and asks him if they have an understanding. She asks Bateman the same thing, but kisses him. No one seems to know what the understanding is or pertains to. This angle is interesting because it’s so weird. I’d recommend checking out the BateMax/Curtis segments from past weeks of NXT.


What You Missed: Titus O’Neil defeats Percy Watson. Post-match, Alex Riley saves Watson from O’Neil.

What I Think: An okay match. Nothing more, nothing less. Percy Watson is still insanely athletic in the way he moves around the ring, in case you forgot since the last time you’ve seen him in a match. O’Neil was sloppy with his finisher. Post-match, Titus beats down Percy some more. Alex Riley makes the save because apparently he’s been downgraded from Superstars to NXT. Riley was still fairly over with the crowd despite not appearing on Raw or Smackdown in ages. I suppose Riley working a feud on NXT is better than hardly wrestling on Superstars or not appearing on Raw or Smackdown. The dude is green as evidenced by his sandbagging of Swagger’s finisher a few months back, but WWE really dropped the ball on capitalizing on the great crowd reactions he was pulling after leaving The Miz and feuding with Ziggler for the US Championship.


If You Missed The Show: At least watch the BateMax/Curtis related segments, and as much as it pains me to say it, Heath Slater vs. Trent Barreta. The BateMax angle is more interesting than 85% of what we see on Raw and Smackdown every week. Watch it now:

 WWE NXT – Episode 101 – January 25, 2012


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