Ten years ago, I saw a trailer that changed my life.  It lead me to seek out a movie called Memento in the theater; a viewing experience which rocked my world and increased my love of films.  I saw Christopher Nolan’s first masterpiece several times (Following was alright, but it wasn’t a masterpiece), and now I’m learning that the whole mind-boggling, polaroid picture viewing, spaghetti-twirled-plot mystery is getting a re-release.

Most movies get a special edition DVD when their 10th (and 20th and 25th) anniversary hit, and while that’s the case for Memento’s upcoming Blu-Ray release they’re also hitting the theaters again, at least for one night only.

Not only is the film going to be available for your viewing pleasure, but a recently filmed Q&A session with Christopher Nolan and Guillermo Del Toro will also be shown along with the film.

That is, assuming you live close enough to one of the theaters showing the film during its one night stand on February 17th.

So where is the film being shown?

We’ve got your hook up with a list of theaters playing the film:

City Cinemas Village East 7 – New York, NY

Studio Movie Grill Holcomb Bridge 9 –Alpharetta, GA (Atlanta area)

National Amusements Legacy Place 15 – Dedham, MA (Boston area)

Studio Movie Grill 9 – Arlington – Arlington, TX (Dallas area)

Studio Movie Grill City Center 8 – Houston, TX

Rave The Bridge 19 – Los Angeles, CA

UltraStar Mission Valley 7 – San Diego, CA

Rave Fairfax Corner 14 – Fairfax, VA (Washington DC area)

Cineplex Varsity 12 – Toronto, ON

Cineplex Scotiabank 9 – Vancouver, BC

If/when any other additional theaters are announced, they’ll be announced on the film’s Facebook page.

Source:  SlashFilm.com and The Hollywood Reporter

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