#dustyfinish: There were only two possible endings to the Punk-Cena match last night given that Cena can’t lose clean. Either Punk would use nefarious means to retain or there would be some sort of draw or no contest. Creative went with the latter as a way to keep the feud going and not make Punk use typical sneaky heel tactics. Punk’s music plays to open the show, but it’s only Paul Heyman out to gloat about his ‘client’. He even brings out the ref to defend that decision. Heyman starts to talk about respect when Cena’s music hits and Paul’s reaction is probably the same a good majority of the crowd’s. Being the good guy that he is, Cena agrees with the ref’s decision, rambles on about Punk hitting him with the title afterwards and generally does his usual thing. Out of nowhere, Del Rio’s music hits and Sheamus’ #1 Brogue Kick target whines like he always does and demands his own rematch. AJ skips out so you know where this is heading. It’ll be a Teddy Long Special of Cena-Sheamus vs Punk-Del Rio in tonight’s main event! Going up against Monday Night Football, you’d think they’d try something somewhat original.

#golden: Cole talks about Lawler’s collapse last week and even shows a video from King to the fans. A comment from Cole saying he misses Jerry was a genuinely good moment and shows the human side to Cole that we sometimes forget about with him as a heel commentator. Maybe this signals a mellower Cole? With King recovering, Cole is joined at commentary by both JBL and JR! You can bet the commentary will be top notch tonight. All we need now is William Regal and it’ll be perfect.

#doshombres: Even though they both were unsuccessful in capturing the IC Title last night, Mysterio and Sin Cara are teaming up yet again to defeat the jobbers Epico & Primo. Interestingly, at one point during the match JBL acknowledges both masked men as former CMLL champions. This has to be building towards an eventual match at Mania and it’ll be interesting to see how they handle the transition from tag team to feuding. Traditional booking suggest one of them has to turn heel. However, Rey is such a hit with the kids and has been a face so long, plus Cara doesn’t seem like he’d be a convincing heel. They could go for a angle where each wants to one-up the other and be seen as the top Mexican star in the WWE. Sorry Alberto. Both guys get attacked by the PTPers post-match who cut a promo with Titus showing some good intensity.

#conspiracy: Kaitlyn mysteriously getting injured and Eve sliding into to her spot against Layla and win the Divas title is the type of angle that’s been done so many times before. Then again, it’s the best Divas angle we’ve seen in some time. They continue it with Eve beating Beth in the ring while Layla watches from commentary. The former champ arguing with JBL about the conspiracy was the highlight of this segment.

#yawn: Brodus Clay facing Heath Slater? At least they made it somewhat interesting by having Cesaro on commentary, which would seem to indicate he’ll feud with Brodus? It was pretty sweet when Slater tried a top rope move only to get headbutted by Clay mid air.

#mizzed: WWE felt there was not enough mic segments on RAW so they gave Miz his own in-ring interview show called Miz TV complete with couches and chairs. At least Edge’s Cutting Edge was clever. After saying how much better the program will be then Piper’s Pit and The Highlight Reel, he brings out Booker T as his first guest. He doesn’t really let Booker get a word in and a ‘boring’ chant breaks out. Definitely not a good omen. Booker finally says he should have a different guest and out comes Ryback who throws both couches out of the ring at Miz. Are they seriously putting Feed Me More in a title feud already?

#snakehunter:Having faced Orton last night, Ziggler gets a much easier opponent in Santino and appears to be making the rounds among the snakes of the WWE. Dolph gets the win obviously and even shows his skills against a lesser opponent. JBL gets another champion reference in here, saying that Santino is a former Canadian Judo National Champion. These are the kinds of comments and background info that give the audience a better idea of the wrestlers as people. Plus it’s better then hearing the usual nonsensical yakking.

#reunion: So Wade Barrett continues his return against his former NXT/Nexus/Corre brethren Justin Gabriel. Thankfully Cole brings up their history together, so maybe Creative doesn’t have memory loss anymore. You’d think this would be a good match, but the crowd starts up a ‘We Want Nexus’ chant at one point, which can’t be good. Barrett gets the win and I’m hopeful they can build up his character to be the dominating heel we know he is capable of being.

#bestever: The Bryan-Kane pairing is the best thing to happen to WWE in quite some time. It’s clear Creative put some actual thought was put into this to make it hilarious and didn’t just mail it in. Case in point, Bryan was wandering down a hallway yelling at random people while Kane was intimidating random people elsewhere. Their new catchphrase ‘I am the Tag Team champions’ is sure to catch on. JBL quote: “Kane has never been accused of being mentally stable’ Hilarity. The story the whole match was Bryan and Kane not getting along, blind tagging each other, whereas Kofi and Truth were a cohesive unit. The champs’ antic nearly cost them, with Bryan having to break up a pin that he directly caused. Bryan wins with the No! Lock and then celebrates with both titles, much to Kane’s dismay. After dueling ‘I am the Tag Team champions’ both men hug it out, but not before JBL implores for a commercial break.

#zzzzzz: Usually the Divas match is the mandatory bathroom break during a WWE show, but this Orton-Tensai matchup takes that not-so-coveted spot tonight. It’s not so much that it was boring, it was just the same moves from each guy and generally a slow pace. At least Orton going to That Place woke up the crowd. There was also a random IWGP reference from JB about Tensai’s run in Japan. Also, Sandow beat Ryder in a longer then expected match whose only highlight was JBL yelling at Cole about education.

#ubersuper: Now it’s time for what’s been billed all night as the ‘super main event’. I don’t think they mentioned it enough times. The match was fast-paced and had the usual crowd-popping hot tags, but suffered due to the finish. After Sheamus Brogue Kicked Del Rio into oblivion yet again, Cena hit the AA on Punk to get the 1-2-3. However, Punk had his foot on the rope before the 3, which the ref chose to ignore even after seeing a replay on the Tron. The sudden spotlight on the refs seems to be a not-so-subtle dig at the NFL for using replacement refs. Still the best part of the show was the commentary. JR was his usual insightful and knowledgeable self, Cole kinda of played the face role, but the clear star was JBL. He put on a clinic about how to be a heel commentator and the random references and his general demeanor were very enjoyable.