We’re now firmly into Year 2 of CM Punk’s reign as WWE Champion and he still remains the focus on RAW but has some competition. How much of the spotlight will Cena hog the spotlight tonight? Will he have another sloppy make out session with AJ? Will the Newer Nexus finally speak? Will Ziggler ever cash in his MITB briefcase? Does anyone even remember that he holds it?

The Good
Reigning: Punk is  just over a week away from passing his nemesis John Cena on the length of reign chart. That would put him past Cena’s 380 day reign from 06-07 and at that point would be the longest time anyone held the belt since Hogan had it for overly 1,400 days. The fact that there have been only 4 reigns that have lasted around a year is obviously troubling. However, Punk surpassing the one year mark is encouraging that WWE views its premier title as meaning something and not something to be passed around.

Ryback: Coming out for another squash match to open the show didn’t bode well for Hungry Man, but it was the post match that really made up for it. Demanding Punk, the NXT 3 or all of them and refusing to leave until he gets what he wants is something we haven’t seen from Ryback. Then again, we haven’t heard him on the mic alot, but interrupting Vickie when she came out perhaps show the confidence he’s gained from being in the main event picture.

The Shield: As much as I cringed when Ambrose called himself, Rollin and Reigns that in an ‘exclusive’ interview with Cole from ‘earlier today’, I still liked their introductory piece. It was to the point and explained what their motivation in WWE is going forward, plus it was humorous when Ambrose denied the group being Nexus or NWO. Their first appearance is practically identical to what Nexus did upon their debut. Ambrose’s drawn out way of speaking is sure to make for some good moments, Rollins got some time to speak and Reigns set himself up as the silent/big guy of the group.

Proper Booking: It might be too naive to think we’ll get more of this, but here’s to hoping WWE includes more matches like the ones Bryan-Mysterio and Sheamus-Cesaro put on tonight. Daniel’s mat wrestling meshed well with Rey’s high flying in a match that easily could’ve gone 20 or 25 instead of 12. A PPV with proper build could mean so much more. Though Show’s interruption caused a screwy finish to Sheamus-Cesaro, it was easily Antonio’s best matches so far, with him countering Sheamus’ top rope attack with a big European Uppercut a highlight.

The Bad
Del Rio: The fact that Alberto is now reduced to facing Khali near the beginning of the show is bad news for the former champ. It just seems like he’s already run his course in the WWE. He was practically shoved down our throats as main event player and while he has the talent to get back their, he needs some serious work to do so. One thing that is missing from him in these short matches is his ring psychology, where he’ll target the arm/shoulder of his opponent throughout the match in order to set up for the CAB.

Mr and Mrs Cena: Ugh…….

Not Proper Booking: As if having AJ and Cena in a love angle with Vickie involved is bad enough, they then throw out a Cena-Ziggler match on TV. The match itself was decent, but could’ve been bigger if it had happened at TLC with weeks of build. Cena won, obviously, and Dolph had better win their next match or it’ll further drive home that he ‘can’t win the big one’.

RAWActive: This week’s fan poll was who would face Punk with Bryan or Kane being the choices. The answer seems obvious with former ROH Champs Punk and Bryan putting on a clinic. Alas, the ‘Universe’ chose Kane and robbed us of another classic. It went on for just over 10 minutes and only ended because Kane got distracted by The Shield. When was the last time a RAW main event ended cleanly? More Shield beatdowns of the faces and staredowns with Punk to sorta kinda make us think they’re not in cahoots with the WWE Champ.