As the calender turns to December and the air starts to get a bit colder, WWE starts to ramp up the TLC hype. Will we get more matches for the PPV tonight? Will they telegraph it as much as they did the Show-Sheamus Chairs match? Will Ryback be able to climb the ladder? Will we get a stand alone Tables match? A Ladder one? What injustices will The Shield get rid of this week?

The Shield: Instead of running into a match, the guys mix it up a bit. They appear in a box while Kane & Bryan try to egg them on from the ring. While the tag champs fight the PTPs, each guy disappearing, then Ambrose and Reigns making their way through the crowd as the match goes on was a great psychological tactic. Of course they attack Kane after the match and Rollins slips in to go after Bryan, however it was preceded by something different. It would’ve been better if they had just come to ringside and then backed off, but it’s a step in the right direction.

Paul Heyman Guy: We all know Heyman can talk up Punk like no other, but his promo hyping the fact that Punk will soon be the longest reigning champ in the last 25 years was great. Mentioning that Punk will pass Cena got the expected reaction. Then again, just saying his name gets that kind of reaction. Punk with that smug smirk on his face the whole makes it so much better. Punk gets more gold on the mic, but is interrupted by…The Miz?!?!?!

Full Turn: Miz interrupting Punk’s promo and throwing the Champ’s boastful claims back in his face pretty much seals the deal in regards to Miz’s face turn. He played The Really Game, played to the crowd and did everything you’d expect a face to do in that situation. He admitted, in so many words, that all the tricks he used to stay WWE champ during his reign were wrong. The crowd ate it up and that’s what really counts. Challenging Punk to take a lie detector test on MizTV seems a bit goofy, but the way he delivered the challenge on the mic definitely made up for it.

Lie Detected: Every good lie detector test needs a baseline and Miz gets it from Punk by asking embarrassing questions about losing to Orton at Mania and his head being shaved bald by Mysterio at Over The Limit 2010. Finally Miz gets around to asking the questions that brought this about in the first place. Just before Punk answers, The Shield jumps in and takes out Miz, then Kane & Bryan show up followed by Ryback with each face battling a Shield member away from the floor. Punk gets to celebrate before Ryback returns and in succession hits him with a ladder, a chair and puts him through a table. Yeah it was kind of a cop out that Punk didn’t answer, but they weren’t really going to have the ‘mystery’ end there. Gotta keep dragging it out and keep people guessing.

Tag Match!: Cena-Sheamus vs Ziggler-Show is the typical tag match mixing feuds and it doesn’t really do anything different. The pacing was slow and even Show’s mid-air spear on Sheamus wasn’t executed properly, plus the crowd didn’t really pop for it. At least Cole mentioned that Sheamus upset Cena for the WWE title at TLC 3 years ago, given how rarely past history is mentioned on commentary. Excluding JBL of course.

You’re Welcome: Damien Sandow was a rising star with an excellent gimmick and even was put into an intriguing tag team. Now that Cody Rhodes is out with an injury, it seems he’s drifting without a solid story. Now he’s looking for an ‘apprentice’ from the crowd who is ‘randomly’ picked. He insults the guy of course, but to make matters worse Santino comes out and does his usual schtick. I really, really hope this doesn’t turn into an extended bit.

MITB: Cena vs Ziggler is official for TLC in a Ladder match with Dolph’s MITB briefcase hanging above the ring. This could’ve been put out plainly by Cena goading Ziggler into putting it on the line. However, Vince has to show up and have Vickie with him in the ring to make the announcement. It’s drawn out by Vince ‘suggesting’ bigger and bigger stipulations until Vickie makes it official. This could’ve done in a way where Mr McMahon never had to show up, but I guess he wanted to pop ratings somehow. Calling it a ‘Ladder match with the briefcase on the line’? It’s really just a MITB Ladder match like from titular PPV.

RAWActive: Hey another RAWActive poll! It was supposed to be Kofi-Truth vs Barrett-Cesaro, but Teddy makes it a Fatal Four Way with the  audience choosing which title is on the line. Of course they choose heel Cesaro’s US Title. What is supposed to be 4 guys in the ring devolves into 2 guys in at one time and the other two outside the ring or not involved. Cole mentions Cesaro’s 25% chance of retaining, which of course isn’t true since there are many other factors to consider and it isn’t just 1 in 4.