Ever since Shane McMahon left WWE, there has been talk of what his future might hold.  Some have mentioned his potential involvement in politics – namely helping his mom in her attempt at gaining office (I believe in state Senate, but I could be wrong).  Others have said that Shane was attempting to get involved with a Mixed Martial Arts company, and those rumors are true.

At the fan Q&A session for the UFC 106 event, UFC President Dana White talked about Shane McMahon, confirming that he had a meeting with McMahon but did not give details regarding what they talked about. What Dana did acknowledge is that he and Shane were good friends, and possibly the biggest news of all, Dana didn’t shoot down possibilities of McMahon working with UFC, giving a very coy “you never know” when posed with the question.

Shane was a website guy when with his father’s company, and it’s possible that UFC might bring him on to help with that, or to help with promotions, or maybe even to be a public face of the company.  Could make for a very interesting situation.