Each year, Maxim magazine publishes their list of the Hot 100, and every year, there are dozens of names I come up with who deserve to be on that list. Many of them would be in the Top 100 if it were up to me, and because I don’t even get a say in it, I can do the next best thing.

That’s right, I made my own list.

It would’ve been too easy for me to come up with a GuysNation Hot 100 and just use a lot of the names from Maxim’s list. Instead, I tried to come up with a list of 100 names deserving of being recognized by Maxim in 2011 who were left off the list.

I came up with well over 100.

I’m not going to release the full list all at once. That would make this article WAY too big… and let’s face it, a lot of people would only get through a few at a time.

I’m wagering that a dozen ladies per article will suffice. It will also be long enough that some people will have comments in favor of some of the ladies and potentially comments about how I’m crazy for suggesting others. Just keep in mind that these are the famous ladies I’d suggest should’ve been considered more heavily by Maxim.

Julie Benz

She was the only good thing about Boondock Saints II. She was equally hot in NO ORDINARY FAMILY and in DESPERATE HOUSEWIVES over the past couple years… both of which you probably don’t know her from because you probably didn’t watch those shows… for different reasons. She was likely not included by Maxim because she’s not in an upcoming movie that some publicist wants to promote.

Keira Knightley

As good as the first PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie was, Keira Knightley was the best part of that film, which says a lot. A lot of GuysNation members likely even saw BEND IT LIKE BECKHAM just because she was in it. Why didn’t she end up on Maxim’s list like in past years? Because she isn’t a member of the cast of ON STRANGER TIDES with Johnny Depp this summer.

I’m not showing a picture of each of the ladies, but I included the picture of Keira from the premier of the first PIRATES movie because her outfit (and her abs) was LEGENDARY.

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Not everyone enjoyed the movie SCOTT PILGRIM VS THE WORLD, but those who did surely appreciated Miss Winstead in the role of love interest. The hair-color changing ways of Ramona Flowers might not have been your particular cup of tea, but I defy you to try to look away when she was only wearing bra and panties in bed. Once ABRAHAM LINCOLN: VAMPIRE HUNTER hits in 2012, I’m thinking she’s likely to make Maxim’s list again, but that doesn’t mean she’ll be any hotter than she is right now.

Hilarie Burton

You might not recognize her by name, but if you watched MTV TRL a few years ago (very unlikely), ONE TREE HILL (still unlikely) or WHITE COLLAR (likely, and if you aren’t, you should be), then you are certainly familiar with her.

Connie Britton

FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS fans know her as Tami Taylor, Guidance Counselor & Football Coach’s Wife extraordinaire. We consider her the hottest mother on television. Possibly ever… though we’ll take nominations if you can think of someone.

Erika Christensen

Most of you probably aren’t watching PARENTHOOD, but if you catch it sometime, you probably noticed the lovely blonde who you might remember from the stalker flick SWIMFAN.

Gwyneth Paltrow

She’s one of Hollywood’s A-List actresses, and even after recently having two children, she has retained hottie status.   And if you’ve seen any of her movies, you know how attractive and talented she is. If you haven’t seen her movies, you’re missing out… and I’m not just talking about the IRON MAN films and SE7EN.

Jennifer Aniston

Come on, how can she not make the Maxim Hot 100 list?! She’s another year removed from FRIENDS, but she’s not showing any signs of slowing down in her hotness. Sure she was overshadowed by Brooklyn Decker in the latest Adam Sandler movie, but she’s still hot and she’s going to be further proving her awesomeness in the upcoming HORRIBLE BOSSES.

Emma Roberts

Thus far in her career she’s probably been in a bunch of movies you didn’t see, but she is making more of a move towards the mainstream as evidence by SCREAM 4. Once you get more glimpses into what she has to offer, you’ll appreciate her like I do… and I’m sure she’ll be showing up on the  official Maxim list before too long.

GREEK Hottie Amber Stevens

GREEK Hottie Amber Stevens

Amber Stevens

She was smokin’ hot as the best friend on GREEK, which you should start watching on Netflix Instant because it’s entertaining and you probably missed it when it was on ABC Family because it was on a network called ABC Family.

Kate Hudson

Her movies are typically terrible (HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS; YOU, ME & DUPREE; BRIDE WARS), but she does have an infectious smile and shows plenty of reason to include her on this list in roles in great films including ALMOST FAMOUS and NINE, movies you should be able to appreciate.

Ellen Wong

So Knives Chau in SCOTT PILGRIM was a bit clingy and annoying, but by the end of the film you should be able to appreciate how hot and awesome she was, even if you’re not a guy who likes Asian girls.

Keeley Hazell

If you aren’t familiar with this buxom British babe, you should go hit up Google. Right now. But be careful when you click on the IMAGES tab for search results, because they’re going to be hot… but almost certainly NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

On the next list? The woman whose existence was the impetus for the creation of this list.