When the Miami Heat made the NBA Finals, basketball fans world-wide believed it was inevitable that LeBron James would finally get the championship ring which had eluded him prior to taking his talents to South Beach. A left-hand injury suffered by Dirk Nowitzki made it seem all the more improbable that the Mavericks could stop the title from going to Miami.

Now here we are, set for Game 5 on Thursday night, Dallas has the Heat looking vulnerable with the series all tied up, and that falls heavily onto the shoulders of legacy-tarnished LeBron.

James’ ONLY EIGHT POINT performance on 3 of 11 shooting in Game 4 let the Mavericks pick up a win and it tarnished his legacy in the process. All the people who have compared LeBron James to Michael Jordan have a huge problem on their hands. No longer will people simply point to the number of championship rings as the difference between them, or some concept of “being clutch”.

Michael Jordan, in each of his many NBA Finals games, scored no fewer than 22 points.

That’s a long way away from 8.

LeBron James had more rebounds than points. He only had one fewer assist than his point total.

Legacy tarnished. The comparisons can just stop.