With projects in Hollywood representing three of the most iconic superheroes in history, there is plenty of talk regarding casting, be it rumors, speculative or outright announcements.  We recently reported the news that Zack Snyder had cast his Superman for Man Of Steel, Henry Cavill.  Prior to that was the announcement of the villains being cast in The Dark Knight Rises (a film for which more announcements might be coming soon) to include Anne Hathaway and Tom Hardy.

Now we get more details regarding the upcoming Superman film, and while there aren’t any announcements to be had regarding specific castings, we do get some plot details that help show how the film is coming together.

A short-list of actresses have been named who are in the running for one of the lead female roles in Man Of Steel, and apparently it’s not for Lois Lane.  The Latino Review reports that Alice Eve (She’s Out Of My League, Starter For 10), Diane Kruger (Inglorious Basterds) and Rosamund Pike (An Education) are currently auditioning for a role which is believed to be Ursa.

For those not familiar with Ursa, she is the female Kryptonian who is sentenced to life in the Phantom Zone in the original Richard Donner Superman film, breaking free of her imprisonment and heading to Earth with General Zod in Superman II.

Zack Snyder had reported months ago that there were no plans for General Zod to appear in the film, and while that might have changed, there’s always the possibility that Ursa could appear in the film without him.

In other news, the list of actresses said to be auditioning for the iconic role of Lois Lane is still said to include upwards of seven actresses.  Amongst those actresses are Olivia Wilde, Rachel McAdams and Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim).  At this date it’s still too early to talk about how each of those actresses would do in portraying the most famous fictional female reporter in history, but as more names surface and that list is narrowed down, the discussion can begin.  We will certainly keep up with any announcements regarding Man Of Steel, particularly as relates to the cast or plot.

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