Five episodes into the fifth season, and if you put money on “there will be blood”, you won that bet, and if you played the long odds in saying it would be Lane Pryce who drew the blood from Pete Campbell, then you’re feeling pretty awesome right now.

Here are the top storylines from the fifth episode, and a chance to voice your opinion on the season as a whole:

1. Poor Pete Has Everything And Nothing

In seasons past, the character least satisfied with his life was easily Don Draper, but that’s easily Pete Campbell at this point, though there’s no reason it should be. Pete has advanced significantly in his career, arguably having gained more credibility than Roger Sterling. Trudy Campbell is far more attractive than Pete deserves for a wife. He’s got a nice home and Don Draper is starting to show him a lot more respect. And yet, his ego has him miserable enough to pick a fight with Lane Pryce.

2. Lane Pryce Gains Guy Points

On the list of peoples favorite Mad Men characters, not many would put Lane Pryce near the top, but the “Signal 30” episode went a long way to giving more people reason to like him. He punched Pete Campbell, which lots of people would love to do. He kissed Joan in a moment we wouldn’t chalk up to infidelity, so that’s more “envy” points. When the rest of the crew messed things up with the Jaguar account, he showed that he had a pair by yelling at them – and it’s far more powerful that he yelled at the entire group of partners than just when he boxed Pete. And when he obliged his wife’s request and spent time watching soccer with her friend, they showed us that his situation is very relatable to what we go through.

3. Roger Sterling: Mentor

When Lane Pryce was trying to figure out how to best land Jaguar’s business, Roger Sterling took him under his wing to offer his support. The typically selfish Roger Sterling, doing something that didn’t directly benefit him? I’m hoping this leads to something between him and young Ginsberg.

4. The Talented Mr Cosgrove

Not only is Ken Cosgrove still writing, but his work is increasingly well received. Roger Sterling doesn’t want him continuing his efforts and dividing his attention, but we haven’t heard the last of this situation.

5. Megan Draper Further Asserts Herself

We started reviewing this trend in earlier articles from this season, but Megan Draper has continued to assert herself as a woman from a new generation. Episode six saw her tell Don that if he wanted to cancel dinner with the Campbells, he would have to call Trudy himself.


Given their respective storylines / portrayals, who are your favorite characters this season:

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