In a surprising maneuver, Redskins part company with running back Larry Johnson after a pair of games.  Surprising?  Yes.  Earth-shatteringly stunning? Um, no.  Was it a knee-jerk Redskins reaction to -10 yards last Sunday?  Also no.  A personnel move that was made based on business and special teams needs?  Absolutely.  Look, you either trust Redskins brass or you don’t but the Johnson-gone-outrage is a bit much.

Meanwhile…  Vincent Jackson starts the week as a Charger, ends the week as a Charger.  It even resulted in Jackson’s agent calling San Diego’s front office the “Lords of No Rings.”  Clearly they want to punish him for holding out because every time a team offered additional years for SJax, the Bolts asking price went up.  They had every opportunity to rid themselves of the disgruntled wide receiver and didn’t…  Now they’ll have to live with that. Sounds fun.

Congratulations, Braylon Edwards, you are the stupidest person in the history of stupid people.  Not necessarily for getting a DUI because (while not smart) those happen.  Howeva…  Upon getting pulled over, Edwards asked the officer if he could park the car and call a cab.  So now you’re capable of calling a cab and couldn’t have done oh, 5 minutes ago? Let’s not forget that the team provides a FREE car service to come get you AND he was in New York City where you can’t step outside and not get a cab.  Stupidest. Person.  With an honorable mention to the two teammates that were with him.  Oh, and Edwards was on the Browns team with Donte Stallworth when he killed a pedestrian while driving drunk so there’s that, too.  Plus he’s really rich and could afford the iditarod to come get him if he wanted. 

Stan Kasten exits stage left as Nats President after five years of service with the team.  Five years of handcuffed by the ownership of the Lerners, that is.  The writing should’ve been on the wall when Kasten arrived and was given Jim Bowden as GM.  How successful can a man be when he’s given a GM?  In addition to the headline-making turmoil that has been the last year, the writing may have changed to indelible marker when it was announced that prime prospect Stephen Strasburg would need Tommy John surgery.

I used to have HBO but then Entourage jumped the shark and Californication became the best thing on tv so I switched. And every preseason I lament the decision because I miss HBO thanks to how unbelievably awesome Hard Knocks is.  And now you’re telling me Caps, Pens get a “24/7” 4-episode series?!?!  The icing on the cake is that when asked about the distraction a camera crew and the filming could cause, GM George McPhee dismissed it with a (and I quote) “Let’s do it.”

Hubris was never George Steinbrenner’s problem, as he never lacked for it.  And the Yankees honor him in kind with a plaque so big you can see it from outer space.  This plaque dwarfs that of greatest baseball player of all time Babe Ruth which becomes a matter of who’s should be bigger?  Steinbrenner as an owner did more for the game and the Yankees especially in terms of how franchises are run and how championships are won so it’s not ridiculous to give the main a bigger physical homage.  But no, nobody’s plaque should be that big.

The crisper, cooler air (except for today), the occasional leaf on the ground, the pumpkin spice lattes from Starbucks and the beginning of the NFL season all signal the impending arrival of baseball’s postseason.  The surprises are thus: After two straight years of needing a 163rd game, the Twins are the first to clinch; the Phillies are going to clinch the division after being left for dead and the back and forth volleying for AL East between the Yankees and those pesky Rays.  Makes September awesome.

Golf misses you, Tiger Woods.  This is well evidenced by the unremarkable attention being paid to the Tour Championship which is the winner-take-all final event of the FedEx Cup playoffs.  And now, NBC botches the snap by not carrying the Ryder Cup live.  All of it’s coverage Saturday will be via tape delay.  Woods is even there and it’ll be via tape delay.  Way to not get it right some more, golf.