Ines Sainz dresses like a floozy + Clinton Portis comments about it = Both were inappropriate.  Just because Ines can dress like that at her job doesn’t mean she should at the Jets workplace.  And no Portis, I’m not inspecting anyone’s package in the locker room*.  Not ever, not for a second.

(*And I’d like to clear up a possible misnomer: it’s not a locker room full of naked guys just walking around.  There might be one you catch in your peripheral vision that you smartly and professionally pay no attention to.  We’re not walking up to completely disrobed athletes for fun. )

So the second half of the Redskins’ Texas Two-Step is way more formidable than that squad that could barely score an offensive touchdown in the preseason.  Houston’s aerial assault is way more than the Redskins can keep up with.  Yes, the Redskins defense can keep them in the game but with the emergence of the Texans ground game (as evidenced by Arian Foster’s 231 yards) they’re too much to handle.  Sorry, Redskins.

The Buck Showalter Show has the Orioles not completely irrelevant this season.  Since his arrival, the birds have gone 26-15.  If the O’s can go 3-13 in their final 16 games, they can make it a winning season.  If they win 7 more games, they’d get their first winning September since 2004. How’s that for some Orioles Magic?

An 0-2 start doesn’t bode well for initially ranked Virginia Tech.  Now, the post-Boise State game letdown/short week for the Hokies explains a lot but it was a crushing blow to lose to JMU. A second mistake prone game doomed Virginia Tech and they weren’t helped much by a lone touchdown and three field goals.  The team has a lot to prove against ECU.

Nascar’s playoffs start Sunday at Loudon with cries of changing the chase beginning anew.  Happens every year with drivers bemoaning the points awarded for winning vs. consistency.  What NASCAR brass has going for them is they’re discussing ways of tweaking the points race.  Which is great because 4-peat Champion Jimmie Johnson sits second in the standings. 

Unremarkable golf for Tiger Woods means no FedEx Cup this year.  With a less than stellar finish at The BMW Championship, Woods failed to advance to the Tour Championship which is the winner take all event in the PGA’s “playoffs”.  And really, interest wanes if Tiger’s not playing which was what their points system intended to have him do. The fact that he could miss nearly half the season and still be eligible means their rankings are suspect.

A little late to the party but nonetheless…  Congratulations, Lebron James, you joined the Heat and now the whole world considers you, your talents that you took with you and your Miami Thrice the frontrunners.  Oh, and a large part of America hates you after that prime time tv debacle that was The Decision.  So you better win a championship your first season or it’s a bust.  Enjoy those high expectations.

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