What could be a better idea than to take athletic women, put them in very skimpy outfits resembling something that might be worn in “romantic” situations, and have them play the most popular sport in the United States?

Well apparently not all of their decisions were good ones, and the league will not kick-off again this August.

Thankfully for those of us who appreciated it, the Lingerie Football League still exists, it’s just canceling the 2012 season, looking to shift their schedule to a warmer part of the year.

Despite the skimpy attire, the ladies of the Lingerie Football League played games along the schedule of the NFL, starting late August and playing through the end of January.

The hiatus, which will run through April 2013, was announced by a league spokesman, citing the need to shift the schedule to begin in the spring and run through summer months.

During the hiatus, the ladies will be traveling to Australia and Asia for promotional tours. League officials will explore league expansion during that time, seeking opportunities to move into new cities in the United States and Canada.