Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls… FOOTBALL fans of all ages. Do you know what time it is?

Its the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! The time where we have football on, if not, then DAMN close to every day for the next 3 weeks. As much as I wish there was a playoff, I do love the bowls and the fact that there is so much football on TV. Its a sports junkie’s dream. So I am excited, and I’m about to break down “week 1”.

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Now? Lets talk Bowls!

Saturday December 18th

We have 3 games tomorrow.

New Mexico Bowl
BYU (6-6) vs. UTEP (6-6)

Humanitarian Bowl
Northern Illinois (10-3) vs. Fresno St. (8-4)

New Orleans Bowl
Ohio (8-4) vs. Troy(7-5)

Okay we’re not exactly setting the world on fire tomorrow. Those that may not know, the closer you get to New Years Day, the better the bowl games. Though now with the BCS system, you REALLY want to play late on New Years Day, or AFTER New Years Day. ANyway. We kick it off with some mid major matchups. None of these teams is ranked. The most interesting game to me? BYU/UTEP.

They know each other. BYU has the most “casual fan” name recognition. Game could be high scoring and entertaining.

I don’t much about Northern Illinois or Fresno State. The game is in Boise, on the Smurf Turf… always entertaining. Fresno? Not gonna be comfortable outside in Idaho in late December. Northern Illinois has an advantage in that sense.

A battle of… Ohio… is what I thought. Then I rocked a wiki on it… not so much. Troy is in Alabama. WHich makes this game damn near a home game for the Trojans. Troy has been to the New Orleans Bowl 3 times and has won it once.

Tuesday December 21

Beef ‘O’ Brady’s Bowl
Southern Miss(8-4) vs. Louiville(6-6)

Well… it has one of the coolest names of any Bowl game. I don’t know what Beef ‘O’ Brady is, but it sounds delicious. Southern Miss will be rocking its 9th straight Bowl Game. Louisville was a national power 4 or 5 years ago… and then? Well.. Kind of fell off the map. Louisville clearly wants to NOT be known as a basketball school, but is this just a step towards that goal, or just further proof that they ARE a basketball school? Okay probably a little too philosophical for a Bowl preview.

Wednesday December 22

20 Utah(10-2) vs. 10 Boise State (11-1)

Amazing what 1 loss did to Boise. They went from possible BCS Championship game to the MAACO bowl on DECEMBER 22nd?!? And people wonder why there is such an outcry against the Bowl system. Despite the date of the game? This is the first marquee matchup of the Bowl season. Two ranked teams. Two high power offenses. This game could be an entertaining track meet. Or if Boise IS a national powerhouse… they’re gonna stomp Utah.

Thursday December 23

Poinsettia Bowl
Navy (9-3) vs. San Diego St. (8-4)

Navy has become a perennial Bowl team. Despite not getting the recruits they run the triple option that is difficult to defense (ask Notre Dame). It takes discipline and hard work… its no surprise that the future defenders of our country do a good job with this offense. I don’t know a lot about San Diego State… at least not since Marshall Faulk was there. Now who has the home field in this game? Its taking place in San Diego… but the largest Naval base is also located there. Both teams will have a healthy contingent there rooting them on, and having a good crowd can amp up the players and make the game all the more special.

Friday December 24

Hawaii Bowl
24 Hawaii(10-3) vs. Tulsa (9-3)

Two high power offenses. Clearly this is home game for Hawaii, no matter what color jersey they wear. Tulsa has some skills, and doesn’t get intimidated (See: Their win AT Notre Dame… yes it hurts me to type that). From a Bowl standpoint… Tulsa can do a lot worse than getting to go to Hawaii over their Christmas break… now can they come out with a win over a high powered top ranked offense. Interesting factoid I stumbled across… Tulsa is one of the smallest FBS schools, with an enrollment around 4,200.

So that brings us to the end of the first week of Bowl Season. Not a lot of top notch match ups, but a couple games stick out as having potential. Boise/Utah, and Navy/San Diego State both are games I’m interested in. Hawaii and Tulsa may be good too, if Hawaii doesn’t blow them out.

So get your chips, dip, and brew-dogs. Its that time again. Where your ass and couch become one while you watch football every day of the week for the next couple weeks. I’ll be back (hopefully) for a week 2 break down late next week!

Lets go Bowlin’!