For the better or worse, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers have landed Kevin Love.

Sure, the guy is a world-class athlete, and he deserved to get the opportunity to get out of Minnesota and play for a contender, but the price tag should be distressing to Clevelanders. That price tag was as follows:

Andrew Wiggins – the first overall draft pick in this year’s draft.

Anthony Bennett – the first overall draft pick in last year’s draft.

Not only that, but also leaving Cleveland is their 2015 First Round Draft Pick.

Kevin Love is a 25 year old who is a three-time NBA All Star, a Gold Medalist from the London Olympics, has lead the league in rebounding (2011) and won the Three Point Shootout during All Star weekend in 2012.

Due to NBA rules regarding rookie contracts, the trade will not be official for another couple weeks because Andrew Wiggins can not officially be traded from Cleveland until August 23rd.