Maybe it’s a trend I’m not yet aware of, but I had never seen a “Mediterranean Herb” chip prior to finding the bag of the Lays variety at the store a few days ago.  Being that they were Kettle Cooked, I snatched it right up because I’ve yet to find a kettle cooked chip which wasn’t at all enjoyable.

My first impression of these chips is that they were very similar to a Sour Cream & Onion chip.  Instead of the onion taste, these chips were pleasantly abounding with a mix of basil and oregano.

The “creamy” aspect of the chips comes from the mild buttermilk flavor I tasted, confirmed by the ingredients label. I half expect that if sales from these chips don’t live up to expectations, Lays will just rebrand them next summer as a “Buttermilk Ranch” variety instead of trying to make it seem like international cuisine.

Fans of Ranch dressing or anyone who enjoys Sour Cream & Onion chips should track down a bag and jump at the chance to try these chips.  Apparently at one time there was a Baked Lays variety of this flavor, and I’ll give those a try and compare them if and when I come across it.