The four finalists have been chosen in Lay’s Potato Chips Flavor Contest, and while I fully intend to put down a $20 and try each of the flavors with some friends, I’ve got some pre-trial predictions. Like always, when I try them I’ll go into it with an open mind, but having tried quite a few different varieties from a few companies, here’s how I’m predicting it’ll go with the four finalist flavors that were announced:

Wasabi Ginger – this is the dark horse in the contest, especially if they nail the Wasabi flavor. Make it spicy with just the right amount of Ginger so it tastes like Asian food, and I’m sure a lot of people could eat a whole bag full. The wrong amount of ginger will make it feel like this is a between-courses palatte cleanser, which is not a good thing, but it’s exactly what I’m predicting will happen.

Mango Salsa – a fruity sweetness to go along with a combination of onions and tomato? I can’t imagine this will turn out well.

Cappuccino – just like last year’s Chicken & Waffles option, I’m excited to try this variety… and I don’t even like coffee! So long as the coffee taste isn’t too strong but the cinnamon and sugar and creaminess takes center stage, it could be great. I don’t think it’ll get enough votes to win, though.

Bacon Mac & Cheese – a safe choice of which I’ll probably buy multiple bags. Bacon in chips? Good stuff. Put that together with a cheesey flavor and it’s probably the flavor which is going to win the vote this year.

I’ll write another article once I’ve actually tasted them!