Ever since I first tried them back in 2011, I’ve been a big fan of the Late July brand Green Mojo chips. As a guy who likes to try all sorts of new flavors of chips, something about the Green Mojo just sat right with me. My adventurous tasting proclivities have once again taken me down the path of Late July, this time with their Bacon Habanero Clasico Tortilla Chips.


I didn’t buy this product based on the label indicating it’s a NON GMO product, or that it’s certified gluten-free, vegan, and made with organic yellow corn. I’m sure some people will be enticed by those labels, but I bought it because I’m a guy who likes spicy chips and bacon, and I wanted to see if these were good enough to compete to be in my rotation.

The bacon flavor is actually really good, despite the chips being vegan. That was my biggest worry when I saw the encircled V on the packaging. Not to say that vegan food can’t taste good, but “vegan bacon” had me concerned.

The hotness of these chips was right about where it should be. I had one and it caused some tingling, but not enough to make me need to drink something. Eating three over the course of a minute made me want to take a drink, but it wasn’t torturous. In fact, I waited a minute and had another before taking a sip. Shouldn’t overwhelm anyone who’s not accustomed to

High marks for a very flavorful chip with lots of flavor, a good amount of heat, and apparently it’s made from good stuff! Late July strikes again!