I’m sure you’ve all seen the commercials, how people can’t keep their eyes open and how they seemingly get 4 coffees in a single afternoon. This isn’t going to be about how good or bad the actual product is, it’s going to be about as what I see as dubious marketing strategies and lame acting.

First there’s the whole ‘What’s your 2:30 feeling like?’ angle.’It’s like my mind just shuts down’ ‘I can barely keep my eyes open’. Do people actually feel that way? Yeah we all know what the grind at work feels like, but we all get through it. Maybe instead of downing a 5 hour energy, people should get more sleep? A good night’s sleep will do wonders for your attitude and outlook. Give it a try.

The other thing that makes these commercials painful to watch is the acting. It’s cringe worthy and could make you not want to buy it. I mean for such a major promotional campaign don’t you think they could’ve gotten better actors? Certainly there’s someone better then ‘Let’s do this’ guy. If the point is to show the actors as real, believable people actually enjoying the product, then it certainly doesn’t help convince to try one.

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