As part of the quest to try as many jalapeno snacks as possible, I found myself face to face with the Krunchers brand option in a grocery store I had never been to, so I picked up a bag.

The jalapeno flavor was certainly there.  From the moment I opened the bag, I could smell the fresh jalapeno pepper aroma as if I had just cut open the vegetable in my kitchen.  The taste was a pleasant one.  Not over-bearing, but unmistakable.  My wife, who isn’t always a fan of jalapenos because of their spiciness, tried a few of the chips with a pleased result.  That brings me to the heat.

To say these chips aren’t spicy is to ignore the after-taste.  While you’re eating the chip, you don’t get the hotness.  In fact, after you’re done eating a couple chips, you’ll barely notice it.  If you hop aboard a chip-eating train and eat about six in a row consecutively, your mouth is going to tingle a bit, but if you are okay with things being a little spicy, you likely won’t even need anything to quell the heat inside your mouth.  Aside from a little fleeting tingling, that’s all the spice you’re going to get.

The chips have a pleasant Kettle Cooked nature, and discerning tasters will appreciate the choice the company made to cook them in corn oil (as will my nephew who has a peanut allergy).  They’re not messy, which is to say that they’re not greasy nor powdery, though you’re still likely to get yelled at if you leave crumbs.