Today, I was reading CNN and came across an article that I thought was important for people to read.  Yes, yes, yes, I know it is CNN, but sometimes that is where you can get some information.  I feel really strong about this type of information and that it is not played up enough in today’s media.  Two soldiers who were killed in the Korean War will be awarded posthumously.  To read the full article, click here:

Pfc. Anthony T. Kaho’ohanohano and Pfc. Henry Svehla took actions during the 1950’s conflict that leaves me questioning where do you find people with this kind of metal?  They both gave their lives heroically and saved many other lives.  They should be shown on the front page of every newspaper.  I know we have been at war and in Iraq and Afghanistan for many years now and when I hear stories like this, it always makes me stop.  I commend anyone who has served our country and especially those who have been asked to go in harm’s way and have gone there.  Take a minute and read about these to heroes.  The only question I have is: How come it took so long to award this honor?