Last Saturday night I went and saw a screening of Kevin Smiths new thriller “Red State.” I’ll have a review of that later down the road, but what I am writing today about is the Q and A afterwards. I really wasn’t looking forward to the movie that much, especially paying $20 to see it, but the Q and A I thought would be worth it. There were only five questions asked, but he talked for an hour and a half. He talked about religion, and crazy conservatives, and stuff about the movie, but then finally at the fourth question, he talked about his future project and this was the most intriguing part of the night.

“Hit Somebody” is a fictional hockey story that takes place in the real world of hockey, via the 1980s. It’s based on the song of the same title written by Mitch Albom and performed by Warren Zevon, and the movie is about a hockey player who has a talent for fighting. There were rumors that a young Wayne Gretzky was going to be in the film, along with some others, and if so I can totally dig this. Especially if it stays being shot in Michigan, like they plan on it doing. Kevin also plans on this being the last movie he ever makes (I’ve heard it before… I’ll believe it when I see it.)

The biggest news of the night though, was that he confirmed that they were splitting the movie into two parts, ala Kill Bill. I had heard rumors, and seen stuff on line, but I thought of it as pure speculation, so the fact that he confirmed that was kind of a big deal. Sadly he didn’t say much about it.  Luckily, he talked about the movie at a Q and A in Montreal as well (fitting place to talk about a hockey movie), and he went into more details, like… you know… WHY! According to Kevin talked about the fact that its a large script, and he thought it might be better to do an HBO miniseries (That would of been fricken awesome), but when he showed the script to Mitch Albom, who along witht he song, has written some awesome sports articles in Detroit, Mitch insisted that it HAD to be a film because it reads so cinematic.

So, what do you do when you have too much material, you don’t want to get rid of anything, and it’s your last chance to try and make your Magnum Opus?  The only option is to pull a play from QT’s book. Long before Harry Potter or Twilight was split up… one man had the balls to do it. Tarantino… Quentin Tarantino, who started in the film industry the same time as Kevin, and buddy Robert Rodriguez, was the first to decide he didn’t want to lose the integrity of the piece, so instead of cutting it, made it two movies. ( I personally feel it SHOULD have been cut down to one).

So Kevin, has decided to do a two act swan song, and I am curious to see how it turns out, because hearing the word “cinematic” associated with Kevin Smith doesn’t sound right, but I’m a huge Kevin Smith fan, and have liked all but ONE of his movies (Jersey Girl). The fact he is making a movie about my favorite sport, hopefully in my favorite sports city, get’s me as giddy as realizing the REAL sport of Hockey about to start back up. PLEASE Kevin…. Don’t mess this up! I will pay to see both parts… if you don’t charge $20 per part.