If you think that Kevin Smith (creator of Clerks / Chasing Amy / Mallrats) is selling out, you’re wrong.  One studio-backed film starring Bruce Willis and Tracey Morgan – Cop Out – doesn’t change who he is.  In fact, Kevin Smith is working on a way to allow fans to Buy In.

Even though I don’t necessarily think Twitter is as valuable as Facebook, it does have its uses.

Today when looking through recent updates from the accounts @GuysNation follows, I noticed a response by Kevin Smith (@ThatKevinSmith) to someone calling him a sellout.  Because Twitter has a limit on the number of characters you can post in any one update, he didn’t do much more than post a link to an interesting article on the Independent Film Channel website which talks about how Kevin Smith is approaching a future film project by allowing the general public to make donations (which he has pledged to match “dollar for dollar”).

If you’re interested in helping fund a movie, you’ll want to look more into this.

The article can be found here.

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